Can We Expand Our Time? Track Your Time Better.

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You have a limit of 24 hours in 7 days. You can’t expand time, but you can prioritize or do two things at one time. You think it is impossible to get it right, but I will show you some tricks to do it:

How to do two things at one time properly? 🙂

Two Ideas and One Result

In conversion research, marketing specialists use A/B testing. Probably you have two similar ideas. If you start doing one task you will know whether it is a good or bad idea. But still you don’t know which idea you should pick first.

Solution: Take an experiment with two ideas in one time. It is an easy way to save your time. Always track project time and take better action.

Earn and Learn

You spend most of your life at work. 40 hours in a week plus at least 10 hours for transportation. What can you do with this time?

Solution: Take a job where you can develop useful skills. It is like going extra mile. Not only you earn money but also learn.

Business Meeting in a Relaxing Atmosphere?

Yes, it may sound strange. It looks like combining fire and ice. However, a conversation with your business partner doesn’t have to be strict. How can we do it?

Solution: Arrange a meeting at a restaurant or on the golf course. Better atmosphere, better results.

Active Free Time

You’re back from work and the only thing you think about is relaxing on your sofa. Time passes and suddenly you realize that it is evening and you spent time doing nothing. You forgot to track time. Sounds familiar?

Solution: Throw away your sofa. You can relax, but it is a shame to waste time. So why don’t you start doing exercise while watching TV or movies on the internet.

A New Look on Vacation

Finally, you made it, you booked a ticket to an airplane and now you can relax on vacation. But after a few days, sunbath starts to be really boring. Oh no, what to do now?

Solution: Before you buy a ticket it would be nice to check what you can do in the selected area. Maybe you can learn to dance in Rio, Thai boxing in Thailand or start a cooking course in France. Sounds interesting?

There are lots of other ideas to realize. What are your solutions to do two things at one time?


Can We Expand Our Time? Track Your Time Better.

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