How Can a Time Tracking Software Help Your Company Grow? Case Study


1914 was the year when case study was used for the first time. It was done by the Harvard Business School and pretty soon other business and economic schools and universities all around the globe started to use it.

Case Study is an analysis of a particular case usually performed inside the company that allows the researchers to draw conclusions about the employees’ performance, or market, technical, social, and cultural conditions (and more.) The purpose of conducting case study is to find and present the positive concepts worth copying, as well as mistakes that should be avoided.

To make you more familiar with this concept, we have prepared some examples from our experience. See how the properly conducted case study can enhance your company’s performance. In the continuation of this article, we will present other case studies implemented in many different companies around the world, to show you just how much a properly conducted case study can do for a business.


We honestly believe that the following examples can convince you to start using our Time Tracking Software.

Implementing Automatic Time Tracking in a Company

Based on an interview with Sławomir Jamrozik, the owner of, an accounting office that’s been using our time tracker, TimeCamp, for more than two years.

The purpose of implementing time tracking software into Trames was to replace manual time tracking with the automatic one, as the first one involves too many mistakes caused by the human factor – TimeCamp reduced the mistakes in time tracking practically to nothing. It also helped with payments, because the employee’s work was measured by the specific projects – few people can be working on one project, or one person can be collaborating with many.

Another feature of TimeCamp that helped was the ability to generate reports based on the specific projects. They were treated as the source of much vital information and helped with the evaluation of projects’ profitability and further negotiations. The invoicing feature also turned out to be helpful, while there were no problems with the implementation of the software.

The full interview can be found here.


Increasing the Team Effectiveness with a Time Tracking Software

Based on the interview with Marcin Pawlak, the head of SEO of, very popular Polish SEO/SEM agency that carried out campaigns for customers like NOKIA or SKODA.

The company has been using TimeCamp for around two years now. It was chosen after they tried a few other solutions, but our turned out to have the features they needed.

TimeCamp replaced the company’s own solution that was not appreciated by the workers, who complained that it was time-consuming. Also, the managers were not able to follow the team’s progress in real time, so they did not have a clear view on the development of any task or project.

The automatic time tracked turned out to be a perfect solution – the managers were able to follow the team’s progress and stay up to date with all the relevant information. Employees have developed a taste for TimeCamp, as it was quietly working in the background, not causing any trouble. Also, they were able to track and analyze their activities and always had a clear view of which task was the most time-consuming or difficult. The company could also measure the credibility of its users.

The implementation of the time tracking software went smoothly – company had it installed on 30 seats, on devices that worked on Windows, as well as on Linux. The number of integrations that the software offers was also helpful.

The full interview can be found here.


Improving the Project Budgeting with a Time Tracking Software

based on the interview with Piotr Szwed, The Head of LiDAR Department at ProGea Consulting, dealing with the support in the field of geodesy.

The ProGea company implements a large number of projects (over hundred per year). Their duration drastically varies, some may take a few days, and others a few months, there are also those that can take over a year.

Excel tabs were used in the company to monitor working hours. This solution was uncomfortable and not reliable, so the management started to look for a tool that could track the employees’ working time automatically, and TimeCamp proved to be just perfect for this purpose.

The software was installed on the stations in the office and everything else that had to be done was to inform employees that they had to log in into their own account while changing the computer. Otherwise, there weren’t any problems with the implementation.

The company uses hourly reports to analyze and monitor the progress of the projects. They also use the project budgeting that calculates hourly labor costs and compares them with revenues, enabling the company accountants to count the profitability of investments.

The team is using 35 licenses of TimeCamp at the present moment and they are satisfied with the results.

The full interview can be found here.


Summing Up

Those were just a few examples of companies that managed to successfully implement time tracking software. Since that, the productivity of the teams, as well as the company’s work management and sometimes even profits have increased. We do not know if the examples above are enough to convince you to implement time tracking software in your company (or just at your home, if you are a freelancer.) We do believe in its effectiveness, though. So, taking the described arguments under consideration and knowing that our software

So, taking the described arguments under consideration and knowing that our software is well-developed and highly sophisticated, with a clear conscience we can recommend it to anyone – from a single, remotely working person, to a huge company.

One more thing – this is only a first part of the article concerning case study. Here, we focused on our time tracking software. However, in the next article, we will present other examples of using a case study to boost the efficiency in the company. Do not miss it!

How Can a Time Tracking Software Help Your Company Grow? Case Study

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