Employee motivational ideas worth your time!

A good team ensures at least half of the project’s success. Working in a positive work environment encourage employees to unleash their hidden potential. How to keep the employee motivation at a high level? Some employers may find it challenging, but a few nice tricks and employee motivational ideas help keep the team motivated. 🤔 […]

Why Should You Listen to Music While Working?

  Calms and rejoices. Makes us want to dance and has the strength to act. It brings on this unique rhythm, thanks to which everything goes easier. What am I talking about? About music, of course! Music has always been an important place in my life. I started with mother lullabies; typical nursery rhymes listened […]

5 Amazing Time Travel Movies

The weekend is closing in and while some of you will probably hit the city, go to a pub or club, meet with friends. However, many of you will decide to stay at home, relax, spend time with your family, perhaps watch a movie? As promised, we are dedicating one entry per week to entertainment. […]

Back In Time With Movie Quiz!

The Oscars  Gala inspires us to talk about our favourite movies every year. Our preferences are differet, but we all agree we love spending free time watching films! Fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, horrors… Regardless of genres, it’s a great way to socialize with the team. Imagine those long discussions we provide after the working hours in […]

It’s Time To… The Power Of Meme!

The Internet is full of various types of content, so sometimes it’s really hard to attract people’s attention. The huge piece of text is almost incomprehensible for the ordinary person, because we don’t like reading these times. Our minds are more adapted to see the pictures – that’s why an image provided with a sentence […]

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