Project Management

The Beginner Guide To Project Roadmap

A project roadmap is a highly visual overview of the project that describes all its goals and deliverables. Mostly presented as a timeline, a project roadmap helps in setting expectations, updating the stakeholders about the project plans, and resource management. A successful project is not only dependent upon the skills and knowledge of the project […]

Time Management: Best Tips and Techniques!

A day takes 24 hours. For many of us, it’s enough for all the things we planned, but the rest wish for at least another hour to complete the schedule. What’s the reason? There are as many as people all around the world, but the main cause is probably the same – improper time management. […]

Best Trello Plugins for Remote Teams!

 We live in times when many professions require requires an Internet connection to perform our duties effectively. Being online all the time can be frustrating of course, but it also gives us many opportunities. And one of them is remote work – regardless of time zone and place we’re in, we can still deliver the […]

Best Asana Plugins for Remote Teams!

Lockdown is a hard time for many of us. Especially for these who were pushed to switch from office to remote work style. We were used to contacting our teammates face to face every day, whenever we want, working from home only from time to time, usually while being sick or being forced to stay […]

How to avoid payroll issues in your company

Finding a fit for the right employee can be hard. However, the really difficult part is keeping your trusted employees in the company. Almost half of the American workforce will start a new job search after experiencing just two problems with their paycheck. For the good of your organization and its’ employees, it’s better to […]

The Best Tips for Accurately Estimating a Project

Project management has existed forever now and with it – project estimation. Now it’s more important than ever to estimate projects properly, with everything changing so quickly. Decisions must be made almost instantly, and with badly estimated projects it’s easy to make a bad choice. Do you want to know: What project estimation is and […]

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