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Time tracking software is useful not only in companies but also in many different institutions. It can be found in plenty of governmental agencies, non-profit organizations or hospitals. Even in educational institutions. In this article, we are going to focus on the latter.

Schools, universities, even kindergartens – their administration is getting more and more convinced about the positive outcome of time tracking, and many of headmasters implement this software into their institution.

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Why is Classroom Management Software Needed?

Schools need a time tracking solution for bus drivers, custodial workers, food service staff, administrative employees, and even for teachers that may get paid an hourly rate for after school programs. Schools want to keep staff accountable for their hours worked, and cadre knows that they’re getting paid accurately because their punch times are being impartially recorded. Some other benefits that come from using time tracking at school are:

  • Punch clock software helps get student workers paid in a timely manner and holds them accountable for hours worked.
  • Weekly status reports can help instructors identify attendance tracker problems before they get out of hand.
  • Punch clock software is a great tool for tracking student learning time in and out of the regular classroom.

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TimeCamp LogoThough TimeCamp is not exactly the software designed strictly for schools, it has features that could help the school administration, as well as teachers and students. Our greatest asset is the time tracking for education, and detailed analyses of the time spent on any computer activity. Thanks to it, school staff and students can increase their productivity and efficiency in every field – managing personnel, teaching, and, of course, studying.

TimeCamp Timesheet

Presenting some of the top classroom management software products

Now that we have established that they can be quite helpful for the school administration, let us take a look at some of the most popular software for school management. We are presenting the list of ten tools that have the best reviews on the internet.

1. Renweb

Over 15 years on the market and now it is being used in over 4000 schools all over the world. Renweb has been designed to automate school administration, classroom management, and communication with home.

It is a web-based solution with hundreds of core features that provide the seamless flow  of information between school administration, teachers and parents. Everything is operable from one system – there is no need for data uploading or syncing. All the necessary information is shared and updated instantly.

Prices are established basing on students’ enrollment.


2. Canvas

An easy to use and time-saving cloud-based solution for universities and K-12 schools. It offers customization, mobile applications, grading, and course content tools. Canvas is designed in such a way, that it does not disturb students or teachers in doing their work.

Its main purpose is to make teaching and learning easier. Each course has a forum and a live chat room built in; they are accessible from the intuitive interface, so even the older generations should be able to use this software without getting stuck. Both students and their instructors will communicate with each other effortlessly in Canvas.

Anyone can try it for free and if it fulfills one’s expectations, he or she can make a call to establish the price for a full version.


3. ProClass

ProClass is a clasroom management software designed to increase registrations and membership, improve customer service, and build better relationships with one’s members, students, and constituents. It offers an integrated cloud platform with lots of features that provide help in everyday challenges and ease the managing of operations and processes.

On their website, we can read that ProClass fits every organization, no matter if it is a nonprofit one, community education center, university, or after school program provider.

ProClass offers several pricing levels paid annually, the price is established on contact.


4. Schoology

Used all over the world, Schoology is the education technology company which primary goal is to provide the best collaboration software for studying.  This cloud-based tool connects people, content, and systems that facilitate education. It also the necessary devices needed to improve student’s performance and personalize the education.

Their approach is fresh, unique, and millions of people already trust and use it to change the way they teach or learn. Schoology is being constantly developed and improved, advancing very quickly.

There are two versions of Schoology: free and paid. The paid version costs $10 per student and a one-time fee.


5. NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a classroom software solution for schools. It is available on all platforms and focuses on supporting teachers. The dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration, and control features should be useful for any type of teacher – they can observe and interact with students computers and evaluate their progress.

If offers a unique set of features like quizzes and multimedia testing tools, audio monitoring and application and internet controls. Teachers using it can be sure that their students’ attention is maintained at all times. It works on both wired and wireless networks with desktops, laptops, tablets, as well virtualised environments.

A free trial for 40 PC’s is available. Price is determined via a phone call.netsupportschool-screen

6. Mythware

This software is designed to help teachers with the control and managing of their class in optimal conditions. It eases the communication and collaboration between the students and their lecturer. Teachers can supervise students’ activities in real time and send them notifications to maintain an order in class.

Mythware Classroom Management Software is a great platform for multimedia interactive teaching in modern schools. It is available on all platforms


7. Study Cloud

Study cloud, as its name suggests, is a cloud-based solution. Its main goal is to create perfect communities for learning by integrating learning into learners’ and teachers’ lives on a social-media-like platform. Thanks to it, the students and teachers are willing to truly engage with the content and the people they are learning with.

It offers features like schedule building, file and video sharing, live chat, online office hours for educators and, of course, alerts and grades. It provides a unique internal calendar thanks to which users are able to save a lot of time, sticking to their work routine and participating in class brainstorming.

8. Net Control 2 – Classroom

This software solution was specially designed for effective interactive teaching, as well as controlling and monitoring students in networked classrooms. It has more than 150 various teaching, communicative, controlling and monitoring features combined in a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Net Control simplifies the teaching process, making it more effective too – with program and power management, messaging, polling, ability to create interactive quizzes and more. This tool supports over 10 languages and is being used in thousand locations worldwide on multiple platforms.


9. Tadpoles

First one on this list designed especially for childcare and preschool market. It helps to streamline operations in the kindergartens and facilitate parents communication through mobile technology. This software supports student achievements and parental involvement, giving parents the great sense of importance in the school life of their bundle of joy =]

Teachers also have it easier, as they can get rid of the paper distractions such as attendance lists, establishing lesson plans, and filling the daily reports. This application solves such problems much faster than paper.


10. Pupilpad

Classroom Management System for Windows and Android that revolutionizes the way teachers and students interact. The Pupilpad E-learning Systems are working on changing a regular classroom into a smart device-friendly environment, where students will be able to incorporate the latest technology into the learning process.


11. Hey.Space

Hey.Space is a free tool dedicated for all types of positions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, project manager or a teacher. It’s a tool which will help you stay organized and keep track of all your tasks and daily agendas. First of all, you can create different workspaces, for example, to share information with a group of students. You can message them and turn conversations into tasks. You can also create different teams and make them public or private. So if there’s a secret plan for the next class, you can keep it there and share it later with your students. Also, Hey.Space has a fancy, cosmic design which may be particularly appealing to students. Hey.Space can work as an innovative classroom management software!


Top Classroom Management Software

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