7 College Apps Students Shouldn’t Live Without

No one will deny the fact that mobile gadgets have already become more popular than laptops and personal computers. It’s obvious that any modern mobile gadget can fully replace the whole bulk of functions that a laptop has. If you want to read books, edit files, send photos to your friends, communicate with your lecturer, and even study online, you only need a phone with 3G connection or wi-fi.

Mobile apps replaced programs for desktops and many developers do not even create software for PC as it won’t be popular unless it is some game that requires great graphics and powerful hardware. It means that some apps exist only for mobile gadgets.

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In 2016, the number of iOS app downloads exceeded 25 bln. Android apps were downloaded over 90 mln times. Sounds impressive? Statista predicts that in 2017, the total number of mobile app downloads will be over 197 bln!

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It goes without saying that the developers of educational apps also caught the wave and started to create the applications that are used by millennials. There is a huge demand for educational apps, although there are also many apps that are already being used by students in their studying. In this article, we will tell you about the best 7 college apps that you should never forget about in your education.

7 College Apps Students Shouldn’t Live Without

Google Docs

This is the first application that you need to install on your phone. If you’ve just figured out how to start an essay or have 10 free minutes to revise your paper, you can easily do that with Google Docs. The application works perfectly both on Android and iPhone and is easily synchronized with other devices. Moreover, you will be able to share your docs with other students and send you works for revision whenever you want.

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Do you have an enormous number of files and documents and don’t want to lose them if something happens to your laptop? No one keeps all files on the HDD. Today, most of the students use clouds to upload and download files and have direct access to them whenever they want. Dropbox is one of the popular clouds that many people choose because it offers enough free space.


A dictionary is important both for those who study languages and for those who regularly write essays. Not all students use essay writing services indeed and those who prefer to write papers on their own regularly face the problem of finding synonyms or words with the most precise meaning. If you’re one of them, make sure you download a dictionary to your device and use it whenever you need it!


Books are the source of knowledge. Scribd is the source of books. If you want to get As all the time, don’t miss your chance to subscribe to Scribd. You will get one book and three audiobooks per month, and this is a great investment into your future.


If you are an iOS user, iTunes is the best choice for you as one of college apps. Here, you will find a huge number of lectures and audiobooks and you can listen to them whenever you want. Of course, the content is not free, therefore, you will need to pay for some audio files.


If you prefer to listen to your lectures and get to know the ideas of the brightest minds, we would recommend you to pay attention to the TED app. You will get access to all the lectures and will be able to add some of them to your favorites to listen to them one more time. Also, you’ll be able to bookmark some of the lectures that you want to listen to but do not have the time for that right now.


Do you want to study languages but have no time for that? DuoLingo is one of the college apps that will help you with that. Here, you’ll be able to study any language you want, starting from Spanish and up to Chinese (or even the Dothraki language from Game of Thrones!). Many confess that this app works better than regular classes, as here you always have a motivation to get better results. The app is gamified, so you’ll never get bored while studying new words or trying to understand grammar.

Apps can both simplify your education and help you achieve better results as you get new knowledge. The main rule here is to use applications regularly, as it won’t be enough just to install them on your device.

Do you have some of your favorite apps that you would recommend to other students? Feel free to share your best findings in the comments and we will gladly discuss their benefits with you and other users!

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7 College Apps Students Shouldn’t Live Without

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