How Construction Project Management Gives a Big Helping Hand to Business

Construction Project Management

A successful project is possible due to various factors – skilled expertise, effective collaboration, seamless communication, technology-oriented operations, strict adherence to objectives and timelines, and so on. The management of projects is similar in all the industries. The goals and processes may vary, but most of the factors remain the same.

Nowadays, the role of technology is influential in every industry. The Internet-of-Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and big data are the technologies that have triggered the change. Project management software is also a system that automates, centralizes, and synchronizes management of a project. These systems are designed for construction project management as well.

Here we talk about the benefits of using construction management software and time tracking for construction, and how it influences the construction management process to attain maximum efficiency and returns.


Goal-Oriented Approach

According to the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession survey, in 30% of the projects that failed, the inadequate goal of the project was the reason for the failure. It is crucial to identify the set of goals before you initiate the project. The goals may be related to completion of the project within a time frame, not exceeding the estimated budget, adhering to quality compliances till the end of the project, and so on. To align the operations according to the goals, you have to conduct periodic audits and inspections.

Construction management software is capable of streamlining operations according to the goals of the project. The centralized functioning of the management system keeps everyone on the same page. You are aware of all the operations, including construction, supply chain management, communication, marketing, human resource, and so on. When you are able to manage all operations from the system’s dashboard, you can work towards fulfilling the goals of the project.

Robust Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the backbone of the all the industries, construction being no exception. The raw material supply & management is decided in the project planning stage. When the project kickstarts, supply chain management must operate seamlessly, thereby avoiding any delays in the completion of the project.

The supply chain management comprises of tasks such as coordinating with the logistics department, keeping a check on quality, maintaining inventory, preparing reports, and so on. Deploying project management software simplifies the operation. You can track each and every detail like consignment status, inventory levels, spare parts availability for asset maintenance, demand and supply, and so on. And once the supply chain management is on track, the project will be accomplished on time.

Designated Roles and Responsibilities

You can be a leader only if you have a following. Similarly, you can do business only if you have a dedicated team of professionals. Construction businesses employ both skilled and unskilled labor for various tasks. While managing a construction project, you must manage your team efficiently, assign suitable roles and responsibilities, keep a constant vigil, and motivate them to fulfill goals.

The project management tool serves as the performance management software as well. You can coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with your employees to fulfill various tasks and responsibilities. The software allows you to track and monitor the progress of every individual, giving you detailed insights about the key performance indicators (KPIs). For efficient project management, you can shuffle up the teams, call meetings, ask for document submissions, and take suitable decisions. Effective project management requires attention and experience, that’s why you should strive to complete PMP certification training in order to become a better project manager.

Keeping up with the Time

Everything is governed by time, project management is no exception. For successful completion of a construction project, it is crucial to set and meet the deadlines. There are time management tools, such as TimeCamp, that monitors all tasks in terms of time. For example, an employee punches his biometric card at the time of attendance and at the time of leaving. The software automatically tracks the working hours and displays the cumulative figure at the end of the pay cycle.

The time management tool integrates with the construction management software to track and monitor employee performance, complete project before the deadline, create invoices at predefined intervals, and so on.

Seamless Communication

Communication is the key to solve the majority of complications and progress forward to achieve success. According to the views of 59% of US workers, communication is the biggest obstacle in the path of attaining success. Whether its project management or general management, you must communicate with your employees, vendors, and customers to ensure seamless functioning of your business.

The construction management software bridges the gap of communication, both internal and external, by linking up everyone at multiple levels. For example, you can create a group of marketing professionals, and communicate with them. Similarly, you can communicate with vendors, suppliers, customers, and everyone involved in the project. Moreover, you can share documents, links, manage permissions, and so on.

Effective Financial Management

Keeping a tab on financial expenditure is a sensitive task. If there are any financial blunders like misappropriation of funds or expenditure on worthless things, the project management can go for a toss. Integrating project management with construction management software ensures accurate reporting of financial returns and expenditure.

You can maintain a balance sheet that updates periodically. You can communicate and collaborate with the accounts team to furnish complete financials. You can schedule online meetings to communicate with the team. The software generates interactive visuals showing complex information in the form of graphs, charts, and infographics. In a nutshell, the financial management is not a cumbersome task when you have project management software in place.

The Final Words

Project management is a discipline in itself, and it can certainly define the growth of your business. Besides deploying an experienced and skilled team of professionals, integrate project management software to streamline project operations and to enhance the efficiency of the team.

construction project managementAuthor Bio – Sawailal Jangid is a Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He is very enthusiastic and optimistic towards his work. He loves to dig deep into various software such as HR Software, construction management software, MR Reporting. He loves to dig deep into various categories of software

How Construction Project Management Gives a Big Helping Hand to Business

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