Excellent Content Marketing Campaigns – They Do It Well!

content marketing campaigns

This is our last article of the series on content marketing.Today we are presenting and describing some of the very successful internet campaigns that did some magic when it comes to promotion of the brand. What were their goals? Target group? Results?

Find out below!

Excellent Content Marketing Campaigns

It is extremely difficult to choose one example characteristic for content marketing strategy –that is because the interactive agencies use this type of campaign more and more often. Thus, later in the article, you will find three examples of content marketing campaigns that according to the author deserve to be called the most interesting.

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One photo – Samsung

One of the most widely commented content marketing campaigns was the promotion of the Samsung smartphone during the Academy Awards in 2014. Actress Ellen DeGeneres used the phone to take a selfie with crème de la crème of Hollywood stars.


This photograph appeared immediately on her Facebook profile, where more than 2 million people liked it!

On Twitter, it was shared by 3 million people worldwide. Samsung executives took advantage of the currently valid fashion for photos taken from “hand.” However, it was the most expensive selfie in the world, because the South Korean manufacturer has given $ 20 million to the implementation of this campaign. It was a part of the sponsorship agreement concluded between Samsung and the station ABC, which ran the transmission of the Oscars.

Give Me Wings – Redbull

Content marketing has also been used by the manufacturer of energy drink Red Bull. The campaign is based on the content associated with athletes and artists, which are sponsored by this brand.

Like the example of Felix Baumgartner who decided to jump with a parachute from the stratosphere. The content in these actions is based on authentic storytelling, presenting the Red Bull’s contribution to the promotion of niche sports. The activities were not confined, however, just to the text layer informing about this event – the producers and director of advertising have made every effort to present the jump from every possible perspective and in highest quality. For this purpose, they used a total of 18 cameras, three of them included in the inventory of the jumper (all recording at HD).

The event was carefully promoted in advance and information was spreading virally.

Thanks to it, the jump was watched by over 8 million users on YouTube. The implementation of the social media buttons on the Red Bull website helped the campaign in being publicized by users of social networking sites. It is also worth mentioning that behind the preparations for the jump stands the Red Bull Media House, an internal division company responsible for the advertising. The brand, therefore, was a publisher of the marketing message.

Watch it in the highest quality: 

Dumb Ways To Die

Another of the very successful campaigns combining content marketing and viral marketing is the “Dumb ways to die”, developed for the Australian Metro Trains. The Australian creative agency McCann was responsible for this campaign. Apart from the typical marketing context, it also has a social character.

The main type of content presented in a campaign is a 3 minutes-long video presenting the dumbest causes of death.

It’s so catchy, isn’t it? 

The success of this viral video can be highlighted by the fact that song accompanying it within 24 hours from the release became a hit occupying the highest places of the world charts. The result of this campaign was a 30% decrease in the number of accidents in the Australian underground! The gadgets related to the spot – key chains and singing mascots, immediately appeared in shops. The creators of the campaign admitted that the use of content marketing was behind its popularity, because “its main receivers, representatives of Generation Y, expect to be involved –so the campaign has to be fun and interactive.”

Content marketing – in service of advertising

Valuable content posted on the Internet engage the attention of consumers very well. They encourage users to read the advertisements much more effectively than the insisting and sometimes even aggressive spots emitted through traditional media. The Web interactivity caused the proliferation of marketing strategies based not on scream and intrusive transmission of information, but on establishing and maintaining positive relationships and dialogue with the customer.

content marketing campaigns meme

The link between the sender and the recipient in content marketing is extremely important –that is because it is based on the agreement. Potential customers agree to receive the marketing messages, and in exchange, they are given content they expect and which fulfills their needs. It is worth noting that in this way, marketers have real control over the spread of their content – in most cases, it reaches people belonging to a predetermined target group.

Using tools such as storytelling forms a permanent bond between the brand and the consumer, and it is primarily based on trust and loyalty. In the era of interactive media, advertising messages are transmitted almost continuously, but often are neutral, because their creators give them the form of the most common content, such as informative articles.

The Internet makes it possible to transmit high-quality content in a direct and fast way that does not require high costs – thanks to it even the completely unknown brand can find the way to reach potential customers. Valuable content spread among Internet users with the strength of the virus. If their distribution is supported by activities in the field of SEO and social media marketing, brand success is almost guaranteed.

Excellent Content Marketing Campaigns – They Do It Well!

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