How To Prepare An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your App?


If somebody knew a recipe for growth hacking of software promotion, he would have been probably the best marketer worldwide. The popularity of startups indicates a stronger competition. Usually, the low entry barriers consist on know-how differences, which requires from project managers constant market research seeking the best solution to make the team, task and project management more automated.

Marketing management

First, you have to find out where are you at the moment. The current state of your website, brand and features your software is packed with. Maybe there is a feature which needs to be highlighted? Or your software has something your competitors don’t, but their users need it? Thanks to the tools mentioned below you can stay up-to-date with those issues and track them.


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Use the right tools to prepare the effective marketing strategy!

Marketing and SEO – allows you to track the popularity of your website, monitor keywords position, external signals (backlinks traffic) and popularity and moves of your competitors as well. Thanks to the user-friendly interface one glance at the morning is enough to measure the current state and compare it with the precious one and competitors. Additionally, you will get lots of priceless tips how to improve your position and SEO as well,

Brand24 – allows you to track the popularity of your brand in Social Media and improves the way of controlling mentions about your brand on the Internet. Clear reports are helpful to react instantly to the signs about you and your brand,

Mixpanel – this software allows you to understand your users, measure desirable conversions and the effectiveness of your website activities and inside the software as well (SaaS).

Project Management and Collaboration

Task and team management don’t mean just allocating projects, but also controlling of their implementations, team communication, work progress research.

The software I recommend in this matter:

Asana – one of the most popular project management software. It’s focused mostly on the roles that employees perform in the projects, dates of their realization, multi-stage task allocation,

Slack – simple, but extremely useful communication software, where the communication process is focused on users and projects as well. A creative interface enriches the communication,

TimeCamp – time tracker designed for monitoring the time of task and projects implementation. In combination with budgeting, it allows to optimize tasks and increase effectiveness – in one word, makes managing projects and tasks way easier!

Market Research

Typeform – this software is a kind of market research tool known for building online forms and conducting online surveys. The forms created by Typeform are so engaging that it enforces users to engage in surveys and thus increasing the response rate. You can easily customize its forms as per your requirement and effortlessly obtain all the data regarding the participation of people in surveys. 

Pollfish – Pollfish is an application prepared to conduct online surveys and obtain people’s reactions regarding the brand. It helps you find out the target audience and promote advertising agencies to run the brand’s online campaigns. 

We have also gathered some amazing Pollfish alternatives for you! A few of them include Zoho Survey, Attest, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and Microsoft Forms. For more information, read more on Pollfish alternatives. 

Latana – this is another high-quality market research tool providing valuable insights and automated surveys. It amasses the reach of 100 countries with 4 billion smartphone users worldwide. Its main focus remains on consumers that boost your brand growth. It keeps you up to date about the target audience’s interests and visions.


I would also like to add a small bonus and mention an important tool which supports the communication and marketing at the company. In my perspective, this tool will support your business by efficient customer service  and accurate feedback it’s  giving you!

LiveChat – a tool which combines your support service with the customer, improves your customer service and thanks to its ease of use it’s extremely effective and universal.

Looking for the best price time tracking? Check out TimeCamp!

Preparing an effective marketing strategy to promote your app doesn’t mean spending long hours in front of computer. Choosing the appropriate tools and planning a few steps forward is the key to ensure your business success and popularity. However, even the extensive marketing activities can’t hide the low quality of product, so that try to do all your best to deliver the highest quality of your tool!

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How To Prepare An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your App?

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