Effective Time Management Quiz – What Do You Know About Programmers Life?

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As we  all know, people could not live without work – they are sitting in their worksites eight to ten hours, doing the same activities everyday. It is hardly suprising that brain sometimes send signals about its exhausting, for the most part tiredness and lack of concentration. Situations like that are real threat for efficiency, cause stress as well.

But there is a simple solution to avoid it – effective worktime management, which consider some free time spent on solving logical exersises. It is confirmed by the research and interrelated with energizing „Aha!” effect. And there is nothing more stimulating to be creative than guessing difficult answers.

One of the most challenging occupations is being a programmer. People who work like that spend most of the day in the world of letters and numbers, making important and laborsaving software. Programmers have their own jargon and lots of habits which are incomprehensible for other people. Because of a large number of responsibilities they had to figure out how to manage their time efficiently.


That’s why we decided to dedicate them our quiz. So leave your work for a while, chill out and answer this few simple questions – we promise, it’s a great piece of funny and unusual knowledge!

Enjoy it here: https://productivitytools.us/2018/04/20-effective-time-management-tips/

Effective Time Management Quiz – What Do You Know About Programmers Life?

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