Explode Your Writing Productivity by Repurposing Your Content

Writing is one of the most detailed forms of self-expression. People, who write blogs for their own amusement or produce content for a living, understand the procedure of picking the right words and choosing the right tone, to make an article specific for a purpose and audience.

How to Improve Your Writing Productivity?


Re-purposing content is pretty self-explanatory, as it refers to piece of writing to be re-directed for another purpose.

When you re-purpose content, then you are basically either, changing the format or the target audience toward which this information was directed.

Not only does this help increase productivity, it also allows and individual to manage his time properly allowing him to re-use the content with only a few specific changes.

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Content is King

A lot of good quality content that is generated has capacity to be used again by making a few changes to the tone and the style. There are many ways to re-direct information:

  • One of which, is to turn a number blog post into a form of e-book.
  • Another way is to use the basic content of a webinar and convert it into an infographic, which provide a simple and concise way to represent information.

When you are planning on repurposing your content, in order to reach your target audience; you are also targeting them in a different stage of theMarketing Funnel or the Buyer’s Journey.

The phenomenon of the Marketing Funnel or the Buyer’s Journey refers to the buying process of the customer, which consists of the following stages:  Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Each stage requires a different kind of connotation to be adopted in order to sound appealing to the targeted audience.

What to Do?

All you need to do is change the format and the perception angle of your content, to correctly align it with the way people consume information. For example, if a blogger wants to repurpose an e-book about the marketing of Facebook, which is particularly meant for the people in a consideration stage – into a piece of content meant for leads in the awareness stage, the key is to turn it into content with a lighter tone.

Not only does this re-direction help with time tracking, by helping a user distribute priorities by using the available information; but there is a drastic increase in productivity that allows a blogger to save time and effort. With the access of readily available content, it allows for time management and good quality content that can be used for multiple purposes.


By practicing different formats and different styles, an individual gets the right experience in dealing with variable tones which can be re-directed to attract people in the three stages of the buying process. This re-purposing of content can prove to be greatly beneficial for a blogger, by helping them be more productive with their time an effort by producing optimum-quality content to be used for different purposes. By re-purposing your writing, you are able to explode your writing to a mass audience, as there is already a mass sea of content easily available.

Explode Your Writing Productivity by Repurposing Your Content

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