Forget About Forgetting! Don’t Miss Billable Minutes

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Different people have a different attitude towards time tracking. From our last entries, you should already be aware of the most common reasons why your employees do not record their work time accurately. Let’s remind that pure human memory is one of the main factors. It doesn’t mean though that you and your company are sentenced to tilt at windmills for the rest of your life.

There are plenty of methods to encourage your employees to start measuring hours spent on specific tasks. Even if the majority of them occurs to be ineffective, there’s still hope. With TimeCamp desktop application you can forget about forgetting and worry less.

Don’t Bother Yourself

How often have you dreamt of some little dwarfs who would secretly do most of your unpleasant work and finish it before anyone could see? Time tracking is an exact equivalent of this ungrateful tasks to do. It bothers most of your team as it requires extra time, effort, and attention, what is more it distracts the members from their duties. They feel frustrated and simply annoyed by filling timesheets each time they get something done or when they switch to another task. All of them would love to get this done by someone or something else.

With the desktop application the whole time tracking process is being automated. This evokes that your employees don’t need to bother themselves any longer. It does everything automatically and doesn’t need an additional intervention. Thanks to this, everyone can simply focus on their job and timesheets will still be filled with the relevant amount of time spent on the specific assignment. Isn’t it fantastic?

Wonder how to mark a day off? Watch this video tutorial below!

Secret Assistant

TimeCamp app is like a secret worker in your organization, even though everyone knows about its presence. It works in the background detecting all computer activities taken by the team members. Then basing on the keywords defined for each project or task it automatically assigns those undertakings to the appropriate category. It may sound like spying your workers and intruding their privacy, but it’s simply misleading.

First of all, implementing software in the company requires informing your workers about this fact. Not only it makes them realize how important it is to record the time, but also makes them feel like they’re participating in something big. Secondly, the app registers only the names of the tabs, windows and tools used. The things behind them stay invisible to the managers. However, more important is that it doesn’t interrupt everyday work.

Don’t Lose Your Money

The thing you especially need time tracking for is the accuracy in billing your clients. To charge them for each hour worked on the particular project you need to have the proper amount of data collected. Like everyone, your customers want to know what they spend their money on and you want to be paid adequately to the work done. Unfortunately, companies lose many billable minutes due to blanks in employees’ timesheets. As a result, they notify high losses in their financial flow.

That won’t happen with the application. As it detects all activities, all timesheets are precisely filled with the relevant time data. On this basis it is easier to create the insightful reports which are the starting point of your invoices, which lead you to bigger revenues and prosperity of your company.

As you see, TimeCamp application is like a secret friend of you, your team and the whole organization. It’s plays a role of the additional memory unit which remembers about recording time without your participation. This way it enables you and your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Forget About Forgetting! Don’t Miss Billable Minutes

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