6 Must-Have Free Mobile Apps To Break Bad Habits!

One of the most popular new year resolutions is quitting bad habits and addictions (I guess you’ve made one, haven’t you? :)). Creating them is a piece of cake, but fulfilling them can be a hard nut to crack. I’m sure you’ve tried tracking it with a paper and pen once at least, but this method can be tricky…

That’s why we want to encourage you to give mobile apps a try!

What are the best free mobile apps to break bad habits?

  1. Overspending – Things I didn’t buy
  2. Smoking Cigarettes – Quit It!
  3. Eating junk food – Fooducate
  4. Procrastinating – TimeCamp
  5. Not exercising – Endomondo
  6. Being messy – House Clean

Let’s look at the details!

Overspending – Things I didn’t buy

Have you ever wondered how much money you can save just by quitting buying unnecessary things? Things I didn’t buy app will help you track all these items! Add them to the list on the go, personalize them with a picture or category and enjoy the coins left in your wallet or at credit card! Sort the items and remove if necessary. Have a clear overview of your progress thanks to the readable charts – find out how hard is sticking to the habits!

Free, iOS

Smoking Cigarettes – Quit Now!

This addiction is one of the hardest to beat for sure – ask a person who had ever tried to quit smoking, and he or she will acknowledge it. The market is full of gums and pills with a small dose of nicotine, but they’re quite expensive and don’t guarantee the success. Quit Now seems to be a perfect solution for this problem – this app shows you how much time passed since you broke up with a bad habit. Stay up-to-date with your progress thanks to the advanced reports. What is more, this app also tracks how much money you saved by not buying the packs of cigarettes!

Free, Android

Eating junk food – Fooducate

Have you ever thought about hiring your professional weight loss coach? Probably this would be a perfect way to losing a few additional kilos, but one of the, hardest to afford, because it’s quite expensive. But after a few clicks on the Internet, we can find an app for our smartphones which will help us implement healthy eating habits. But Fooducate isn’t just a weight loss tracker; it’s also a community of users who share their recipes for healthier versions of most popular dishes and also an experience of changing their lifestyle.

Free, iOS, Android

Procrastinating – TimeCamp

TimeCamp is an entirely free time tracker for unlimited users. Have you ever dreamed about adding an extra hour to your day? Now it’s much easier to afford it without bending the rules of physics. With an appropriate time tracker controlling the time is a piece of cake. A new and refreshed TimeCamp mobile app gives you an excellent opportunity to quit procrastinating by tracking how much time you usually spend on your activities and assignments. Stop wasting time on watching cats on Youtube or browsing Facebook instead of working! Have a clear overview of your progress thanks to the advanced reporting feature (illustrated by the colorful charts). The productivity improvement is closer than you think!

timecamp screenshot

Free, iOS, Android

Give TimeCamp a try!

Not exercising – Endomondo

We all know that one of the best ways to motivate yourself to exercise is joining the bigger group of people who have the same goal to achieve. This is the primary purpose of Endomondo, which is a smartphone tool and the community at the same time. Thanks to the mobile app you can choose from the wide range of sports activities and add your workout to your personal diary and track the calories burned. You can also join the community and invite friends to share the experience and motivate each other. Progress monitoring hasn’t been ever that easy!

endomondo screnshot
Source: https://endomondo.com/

Free, iOS, Android

Being messy – House Clean

We all know the situation of having problems with cleaning the house… The clothes are everywhere, dishes are piling up in the kitchen sink, and the rubbish bin is full. Sometimes it’s not easy to find some time to tidy the flat up, mostly because of the work overload. That’s why we want to encourage you to use your smartphone for better domestic duties management! House Clean helps you maintain the list of items that needs to be done at home. Thanks to this fantastic app you will turn from a slob into Mr. Clean!

house clean screenshot
Source: http://play.google.com

Free, Android

Quitting addictions doesn’t necessarily mean a huge effort! With these few apps, you’ll manage to break bad habits, we promise!

6 Must-Have Free Mobile Apps To Break Bad Habits!

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  1. I wish I found this post in the beginning of the year… But it’s always not so late to change something!

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