Free Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Free Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity1

Productivity is the name of the game as everybody wants to be more productive. Productivity gives you a good sense of feeling more accomplished, organized and more in control.

There are many different types of apps that can help you with your productivity. While there are many paid apps that can do the trick for you, there is nothing better than going for something that is free.

Free Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Sunrise Calendar

Available for free, the Sunrise Calendar application allows you to embed it well in your smartphones. It is free and it lets you sync your calendar information from iCloud, Google Calendar and Microsoft exchange.

It lets you keep up to date with Facebook events, birthdays and other important forecasts such as the user’s location and others.

The whole idea behind this app is to help you stay up to date with all the details there are and keep you up to date with important details all the time. The best part? It is available for free.


The Time Camp application is a time tracking software that will let you and your team uses it to plan projects and help you get organized. It is one of those apps that help you stay up to date on an hourly basis.

The application lets you get good billable hours, invoicing, time management and good attendance.

The billable hours include staying up to date with your profitability, project status, and project portfolios. Invoicing involves clients, billing and other details. Moreover, time management involves productivity and verification and lets you keep a good track of your information as well.

Time Camp has also a GPS tracking feature, is available for free for iPhone/Android and it is great for goals, keeping track of time and other important documents.

TimeCamp Dashboard


Brook is another important application that will help you with your time and productivity. It will help you keep tabs on your favorite people, your companies and publications.

If you want to spend less time on social media and want to get things done, Brook is your app.

The app provides free and confidential health advice and important contraception to young people. It helps you stay on track so that you can thereby increase your productivity well.


Probably one of the best known applications on the list, DropBox is the easiest way to keep up with important documents that are there in one place. You can view it on your desktop and mobile and it will let users upload a document from Mac and PC alike. You can then use it to reopen it on a mobile device. The DropBox app comes in handy because it can be accessed on any device and it helps you keep up to date with your important documents while at the same time help you save cost and memory.


The NotePad app is available for free and it lets you take notes. It is free, it lets you get comfortable with important things and lets you do painting, save notes and then move ahead in time.

Free Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

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