Free Task and Time Management Software that You Should Know About

These days many of us may feel overwhelmed at times by the constantly growing amount of tasks that we should or must complete. Mostly these tasks concern our work but there are also those concerning our everyday chores, family, interests, or self-development. For years in order to keep control of our responsibilities we were using a simple sheet of paper or a calendar and a pen to write them down.

Well, we know how such methods work. There is no way that our calendar is going to inform us about the incoming doctor appointment. Also, relying on a sheet of paper when it comes to organizing our day, week, or month may turn out very troublesome. I am telling this from my own experience, as recently I managed to throw out a piece of paper with my plans for the week because it laid on the desk among some work leftovers. So now I have to call my doctor to ask when is my visit scheduled, not to mention all the other plans that I made, and now can’t remember…

Luckily, the internet offers a variety of software that provides help in organizing our work and managing tasks.  Being an individual user, we do not have to pay for most of them. Annoyed at myself for getting rid of my paper-sheet organizer I decided to browse the project management market in order to find the best (and free) task and time management software and share the results with you. You will find the list of these solutions below.

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1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp provides you with features facilitating everyday work – graphical timesheet, manual and automatic time tracking, invoicing, budgeting, comprehensive reports concerning our work and more. These tools are really helpful in today’s modern work environment.

The use of TimeCamp can help you boost your efficiency and productivity. Though it does not offer any system for task planning that could remind you of your duties, you still can add as many tasks as you want to the interface and choose one whenever you feel like doing it. TimeCamp will track the time of your activity and you will receive a lovely graph displaying what were doing, how much did it take, and what “distractions” got in your way – that is a great method to eliminate them once and for all.

TimeCamp does not only offer an effective time tracker – it offers you a possibility to integrate it with tens of task and project management software (including some of those described below, be sure to check the links!), that can shape it into a perfect tool for task and time management.

time tracking

2. MeisterTask

MeisterTask in an online project and task management solution that will help you stay in total control of all aspect of your projects. If you are a manager, you can monitor the progress of your projects and tasks and collaborate with your teammates in an easy and productive environment.

It offers flexible project boards that can be easily adapted to your workflow, integrations with other project management tools such as Slack, GitHub, Dropbox, or Zendesk, and an impressive set of project management and collaboration tools like Kanban project dashboards, task management, automation, project monitoring, and reports. This is a very intuitive and flexible software.

Price: Free for up to two integrations; $9/user/month if you want more reporting and integrations features.


3. Wrike

Wrike is a software for online project management that was designed to improve the speed and efficiency of one’s work. It will help you to get things done swiftly and effectively from a single location. Wrike is a great tool for managing multiple projects, teams, and workflows.

You can configure your projects to track exactly what is important to you. This drag-and-drop task management system is great for both individual and group use. With Wrike, you will be able to schedule, prioritize, discuss, and keep track of your tasks and their progress in real time. What is more, you can synchronize it with Google Drive and Dropbox, and, of course, integrate with a lot of other project management software – including TimeCamp.

We have a whole article on Wrike and TimeCamp integration with instruction how to do it under this address.

Price: Free for up to five users. Professional plans that include more features start at $49 per month for up to five users and $99 per month for 15 users.


4. Trello

Trello is one of the leading project management applications on the market. It practically lets you organize everything with everyone. It offers a digital whiteboard format in place of post-it notes – you can use it for various purposes, from everyday task management, redesigning a website, posting regular updates for your business, to working on complex projects with many participants.

Trello relies on Kanban system of project management, allowing users to visually organize their tasks. You can use it to categorize your duties and divide them by tasks that you can edit with descriptions, labels, checklist, and attachments. It comes with an intuitive and elegant interface and a free version that satisfies most individuals, and even companies.

Did you know that Trello can be integrated with TimeCamp? You can read more about it in this post.

Price: Free for unlimited projects and users. Updating to Trello Gold updates the card attachments to 250MB. Businesses may choose Trello Business Class, for $8.33/user/month.

TimeCamp is a part of Trello Power-Ups, a new directory for Trello’s add-ons! Now you can turn your TimeCamp and Trello integration into a real productivity powerhouse.  

trello app board

5. Todoist

Todoist comes loaded with amazing features that enhance your productivity. You can use it to organize tasks, projects, and set schedules and deadlines. Its system is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and most major browsers.

The interface of this software is easy-to-use and intuitive – its setup is similar to this of Gmail. The tasks can be divided into subtasks, sent out to your team members, and filtered by their labels. A unique feature of this tool is the possibility to earn “Todoist Karma” for getting your work down, which adds an extra motivation to completing our work.

Todoist is fully integrable with TimeCamp, you can do it here.

Price: Todoist is free for projects and tasks. Additional features like reminders, filters, labels, and templates come with the Premium account, which costs $29 a year.

todoist screen

6. Centrallo

Centrallo is an elegantly simple organization tool that offers a way to help you organize your everyday work with a set of lists and tasks. It is a cloud-based software with apps on iOS, Android, and (what’s quite uncommon) Apple Watch.

You can use it for swift collaboration with your team by sharing lists via email or generating a public link. Also, you can prioritize which lists and tasks withing those lists are the most important. Centrallo comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to save information bits like articles and photos directly in the app.

Price: Free version offers a 1Gb storage with unlimited lists, 100 notes, but only up to 25mb attachments and no passcode lock. The Premium version offers 15Gb storage and unlimited attachments with a passcode lock for $4.99/month.


7. Pintask

Pintask offers users the ability to monitor due dates, attachments, and reminders. With Pintask you get an advanced Kanban board, free nesting of lists and cards, free extensions, and an ability to write your own extensions using Javascript +.

What is more, you can mirror a single card or whole list and drag it to another board, set email reminders, make any list into a checklist, and import your data from Trello. It is a Kanban-based software that is fully customizable and if you are experienced, you can use extensions to build your own low-cost task manager.

Price: This software is free but you will pay for additional extensions to it.


Free Task and Time Management Software that You Should Know About

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