What Is a Good and Inexpensive Way to Track Employee Hours?

Why Is Time Tracking Important In Project Management?

Tracking employee hours has become popular over the last years. Respectively, the number of time tracking software’s users is consistently increasing. Many employees are afraid of tracking their work hours as there exists a belief that they are spied on. However, once the employee time tracker is implemented in the proper way, tracking employee hours turns out to be a good solution.

There are many reasons why time tracking is important, especially in project management.

“Companies wish to make better business decisions with real-time data and deep insights while enabling HR to centralize employee data to improve its agility and meet the needs of your people with self-service tools and a great user experience.”
– Maggie Kensington, Senior in HR Management

According to updatey.com,  the following appeal to employers while enabling employee hours tracking:

  • money – Chances are, you’re wasting time somewhere, but it can be difficult to impossible to figure out where unless you actually measure it.” Time tracking enables to measure time spent on work with connection to budget.
  • prioritizing by time – thanks to time tracking it is easier to see which employees have too much or too little work; it helps in assigning tasks based on employees’ time;
  • staying on task – with time tracking it is easier to stay focused on one task instead of several different activities;
  • knowledge – “Seeing exactly where the team’s time resources are being spent is the ultimate truth teller.
  • improved estimation – if you know how much time your employees spend on particular activities, it is easier to predict future work hours;
  • keeping it reasonable – with time tracking you can determine how much time is required for certain activities; no more projects exceeding estimated time or those with the limit way below the norm.

What Is a Good and Inexpensive Way to Track Employee Hours?


So how track hours in a good and inexpensive way? First of all, it is good to take a look at the list above and check whether you see any of your reasons for using employee hours tracker. It is important to know why you want to do it as it helps in proper monitoring of your employees’ activities. Thus, ask yourself the following question: why do I want to track employee hours? Because the next important one is: how to do it?

We inspected the topic of tracking employee hours on one of the most popular forums on the internet, Quora. And here’s what we found!

  • Proper tracking application can make your work easier:
    “There are multiple and very cost effective inexpensive options are available for employee hours tracking. Based on your requirement we can go along with most suitable. If you are looking for a complete package which is multitasking, a single application, which will support report management, employee hours tracking, daily report management, tracking sales employee etc. will fulfill all the requirements.”
    – Priya Sharma
  • you can use a physical timesheet and make your employees fill it with numbers of hours they spend on work. But isn’t it too outdated? The best solution is to use an app which gathers all the data automatically, on the cloud (such as Jibble).
  • there’s plenty of apps to choose from: TimeCamp, WorkTime, Avaza, Hubstaff, TMetric.

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In today’s modernized world, the technology makes it possible to enhance life. Why not use it at work and help your employees with their tasks and projects. Tracking employee work hours with proper tools will boost their productivity and helps to always stay on top of things.

What Is a Good and Inexpensive Way to Track Employee Hours?

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