Why Is Happy Workplace Important?

It’s widely known that a happy workplace improves employees’ outcomes. When the atmosphere is friendly, work is no longer a necessity but a pleasure. But without a shadow of a doubt, a happy workplace boosts productivity. And it works both ways. High productivity creates a happy workplace. And here’s why a happy workplace matters!

  1. A happy workplace contributes to the business’ success. Since happiness helps to improve productivity, the employees’ performance is much more valuable. Both company and workers benefit from a happy workspace.
  2. Employees are more effective. When the atmosphere at work is positive, so are the people. They feel secure in their positions and know that others appreciate their work. And when they feel appreciated, they are more willing to do their tasks.
  3. They like what they do and do what they like. There’s nothing worse than working with something you don’t feel good at. It makes people feel like they’re being tortured and their productivity falls to zero. Moreover, the same thing is happening to employee retention in the workplace.
  4. Employees work better with others. A happy workplace contributes to a better communication in the company. Employees interact better with each other as well as with customers. In general, everybody is happy!
  5. There are more energy and optimism. People feel motivated to do their tasks. And even if there’s a failure or a project goes wrong, everybody has a high morale. People don’t give up, just keep going.
  6. Everybody is healthier. Both mentally and physically. Everybody likes to wake up in the morning with the thought that the office will be filled with smiling people and smell of fresh coffee.
  7. People are more creative. They want to make a difference and contribute to the business’ success. They get more ideas and are prone to implement great innovations into the tasks and projects.
  8. The team makes fewer mistakes and fixes the problems instead of complaining about them. It all goes with the saying: “Work smarter, not harder.”

How To Create A Happy Workplace?

A study made by professor Takashi Maeno, dean of the graduate school of system design and management and professor at Keio University in Tokyo showed that improving workplace happiness is key to raising the productivity of a company.

Based on Maeno’s study, there are four factors that need to be fulfilled in order to make people happy about their jobs: self-realization and growth, connection and gratitude, a sense of optimism, and independence. He calls this “the four leaves of a lucky clover.”

lucky clover

Creating a happy workplace is not as difficult as it seems. Here are a few tips on how to do it.


Everybody wants to feel that their work matters. Make sure you actually pay attention to your team’s efforts. Award them, give bonuses, say that you’re grateful for their work. It motivates them to do more great work and will pay off in your company’s success.

Take care of your team

Listen to their needs, complaints. Talk to your employees about any potential problems to avoid conflicts in the future. Assign particular people to specific tasks and make sure they understand their work.

Invest in your team’s growth

Improving your employees’ skills is the best thing you can do for them and for your business. Send them to training, hire a coach or provide someone who would help them develop their strengths and fight with weaknesses.

Create events

Organize fun and relaxing party at the office in breaks between different tasks and projects. Go out once a week with your team for a drink or to the cinema. Such actions will intensify the bond between employees.

Keep them healthy

Pay attention to how many hours your team works. Don’t let them overwork. Ask if they need these few extra days off to take care of their relatives and family problems. Let them go home earlier if they’re sick. It will pay off and they will appreciate it.

A Happy Workplace With TimeCamp

keep calm and timecamp

If you implement the already mentioned tips into your work life, you can be sure your employees are surrounded by positive vibes. But there’s one more thing!

Have you ever wondered what does work time tracking has in common with happiness at the workplace? Here’s the answer! TimeCamp’s time tracking software tracks every activity of the user. Thanks to it you can create a balanced work timetable. Your team doesn’t overwork but sticks to the schedule.

TimeCamp also shows productive and nonproductive computer activities, which works as a great motivation. Tasks and projects are always assigned to particular people. Reports, budgeting, and invoices are in one place, organized and crystal clear. With TimeCamp your employees can easily set up work hours into efficient duties and stay on top of their work!

Let us help you in creating a happy workspace for your team!

Why Is Happy Workplace Important?

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  1. That’s what i am looking for right now because after you spend enough time at job you don’t enjoy being working so i want back that positive attitude i had when i joined so looking for these type of information and found out your article and i think its working so thank you, loved your article.

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