Be a Healthy Freelancer! – Solve Our Quiz and Check Your Knowledge.


If we were to ask like 100 people what do they think is the most important value in life, the answers will vary. Some would say that love and family, others would suggest career, self-satisfaction, success. There will be those who will put money as their number one in life.

However, not many of us remember about the thing that is most important among them all. One that is essential for anyone to be able to enjoy any other – our health!  

The sad fact is, most of us take it for granted – “It is there, and one day it will vanish, that’s how life is.” This is false. Good health is our most important treasure – without it, we cannot enjoy any other values – family, love, career, even money (though money may be helpful in maintaining good health.) We must never ignore even the smallest symptoms of any sickness.

Do you remember our post concerning the health of the office workers?  This one is going to be similar, just about a slightly different profession – freelancers. Also, we took it a step further, arranging a quiz that you can fill to check how much you know about the proper methods of working in front of the computer.


You will find the link to the quiz below, but before taking it, read the rest of the article. Let us share with you some knowledge on the topic, so you will know more, once you try to solve our puzzle =]

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Dealing with CVS.

CVS is a Computer Vision Syndrome – a vision and eye-related issues that may appear if we are using our computers for too long. Over 10 million people visit doctors every year with this problem. You have 90% chance to develop it if you spend more than JUST two hours in front of your computer, daily!

The CVS lowers your productivity by 20%. It causes eyestrain, blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, and fatigue. It may even lead to neck and shoulder pains, as our body will automatically adapt a position (usually a wrong one), in which we will see better.

What can we do to prevent it? First of all, check our eyesight every once in a while. This is a routine medical examination, does not hurt, and can really help. Also, we have to make sure, that we do not sit too close to, or too far from our screen. The optimal distance is between 40 and 76 centimeters. There are plenty of exercises on the internet that you can implement, to relax your eyes during work. One of the most popular is to have a small break every 20 minutes, to look outside the window and stare at the horizon for about a minute.


Limit your screen time!

Did you know that an average adult in the USA spends about 10 hours and 39 minutes each day looking at the screen? How crazy is that? With 8 hours of sleep that leaves just a bit more than 5 hours a day for any other activities. Our bodies are not made to handle this; the society is going in the wrong direction.

It is common that trends travel across the ocean, from the USA to other continents and countries. However, this one must be stopped. Americans are facing rising rates of obesity and diabetes, children are having problems at school and cannot focus on simple tasks – everything because of too much screen time.

How can we prevent this? First, we should check how much time we spend each day in front of the media – TV, Computer, Tablets, Smartphones. Generally, everything that involves looking at the screen. Then write down all the activities that you perform and analyze them. You will find some that are absolutely unnecessary. Try to exclude them from your daily routine. Instead, do something else with that time – read a book, listen to music, cook, exercise. The choice is yours!


Is there something else I can do?

Well, we honestly encourage everyone to search for exercises that relax neck and back muscles. Exercise more, engage in hobbies that do not involve computers and other electronic devices (but not drones or musical instruments -.^)

And one more thing. After all, this article is aimed at freelancers. It is then important to emphasize, that as a freelancer, you already have it easier! Reports say that people working at homes are far more relaxed than those working at the office. They also have a better attitude towards their job and fewer problems with time management.

Statistics shows that by 2020 almost 40% of the workforce may be working as freelancers and solopreneurs. If you have an opportunity to do the same, definitely think about it. This may be your chance to live a more organized life and improve your health!

Do not miss our Quiz!


Be a Healthy Freelancer! – Solve Our Quiz and Check Your Knowledge.

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