How Cat Videos Can Improve Productivity?


A manager has to know how much time employees spend on projects. When employees work by the hour, you want to have maximum efficiency. The use of time management tools gives you access to the time spent. What it does not tell you, however, is how to improve productivity and how to keep everyone on track.

For that, you have to think outside of the box. Time tracking software can prove that online entertainment, like cat videos, can actually improve productivity. Yes, the employee is doing work on company time, but it refreshes them mentally and it gives them a much-needed break. They can go back to work happily and start focusing on the project.

How Cat Videos Can Improve Productivity?

Research shows that focusing too heavily on a project without any sort of break is not healthy or good for work. An individual who does not get a break becomes demoralized and they begin to lose focus. Mentally, they are not there anymore.

A lot of people say their brain is fried when this happens. It feels like that, too. The brain simply cannot work at its best, unable to handle all aspects of the project in a detailed and effective manner.

Remember when you were working like this? When deadlines were breathing down your neck?

These productivity tools are a lot simpler than you might imagine. Cat videos are a perfect way to boost morale, to give people a break, and to get them back on track.

Typically, cat videos last anywhere from seconds to a few minutes, making them small breaks throughout the day.

When the employee feels stressed, and they can sense that they are reaching the edge mentally, they can relax for a while and enjoy adorable, funny cat videos. These videos offer cute little animals, allowing the employee to laugh and to feel relaxed inside. When combined with time management tools, you can see an increase in productivity.

Those short mental breaks recharge employees’ batteries more effective than any other type of breaks usually does (some sleep can be better, but imagine when somebody suddenly disappears from office for for an hour to take a nap…). Watching cat videos makes us ready to taclel with all the frustrating and boring tasks at work. 

Time tracking software will prove to you just how good access to cat videos are for the employees.

Instead of overwhelming them for hours on end, hoping they can remain focused and on top of their game, you can give them some time to detach from the work.

They can begin watching cat videos as a way to de-stress from the job while remaining on the job. They have a stronger spirit and they can return to their job ready to work.

Looking for another funny cat video? Try those 10 minutes filled with ultimate cuteness – seems great for a short break!

How Cat Videos Can Improve Productivity?

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