How Time Tracking Can Help Freelancers With 6 Easy Tricks

Yesterday we published a short yet interesting interview with Jason Scott Montoya. We talked about measuring billable hours and how it improves freelancer’s work. Check it out here! Today, we are going to show you how time tracking can help you, as a freelancer, enhance your work without you putting any extra effort in it.

If you are a freelancer, you exactly know all the challenges of this type of work. Lack of time for friends and family, accounting and budgeting issues, lack of projects to work on or their spate. The list goes on and on. If you’re new to the freelancing business, discovering these challenges is still ahead of you. No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, you may find it advantageous to trick all the problematic aspect of work with the proper time tracking software for freelancers!

This is a short guide on the features of TimeCamp which you can find in most other time tracking tools (but not in all of them!). We will dig deeper into the secrets of successful freelancing with such software. Keep reading to find out how time tracking with TimeCamp can help freelancers with 6 easy tricks.

#1 It tracks time for you

Working as a freelancer is very often closely linked with working on multiple projects. Sometimes it’s because that’s the nature of the profession, sometimes it results merely from the need to make ends meet. No matter the case, it is essential to track time spent on work. First of all, to be able to estimate the hours needed to allocate on the next project and provide that information to your client. Secondly, to keep track of the work hours and don’t intertwine them into your daily agenda outside work. And this can be dangerous when you work from home as the time, and work-life balance thief lurks around your office!

This is the first trick! Track your time with time tracking software for freelancers. As simple as that!

#2 Extensive reports help boost your productivity

This trick may be the most effective way to deceit the work-life balance thief! A good time tracking tool not only tracks your time. It also creates reports showing all your activities. Here’s what TimeCamp generates for you:

  • detailed reports on every activity you have done during your work;
  • information on websites you have visited and apps you have used;
  • information on productive and unproductive activities;
  • reports on billable and non-billable hours.

Not every time tracking software for freelancers can do that! Reports are not there just to look pretty. They are to help you analyze your outcomes and become more productive.

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#3 Automatizes your work

Sometimes we all wish we had a robot who would do all the work for us. Luckily, that’s how a good time tracking software for freelancers works. It works like a machine that collects all information on your work, gathers it in one place, presents full data in the form of reports, and even offers additional features which help in accomplishing tasks in a short time.

You don’t have to worry about filling the reports, time entries, and other necessary information manually. Time tracking software does it for you. Just think about how much time it can save you!

#4 Works as your personal accountant

Billable or non-billable hours? Should you add this to the invoice or shouldn’t you? How much money will you need on this project or how much money should you bill a client? Those are just a few questions concerned with budgeting. It gets even more tricky when you work based on different payoff type.

TimeCamp, as an invoicing tool, helps to keep a hand on financial aspects of freelancing. You can use time entries to bill your clients or to measure project profitability. Track how many billable hours you work on a paid project, and how many hours are spent on non-billable projects. Additionally, TimeCamp integrates with Quickbooks, which makes it even a better personal accountant.

#5 Desktop and mobile app make it easy and convenient to work

As a freelancer, you may be too busy to switch between different tasks. If working on two computers is a common thing in your work, it can be even more frustrating to pay attention to all the tasks. So why bother with another app! Don’t you worry! TimeCamp’s desktop app does all the work for you. All you have to do is turn it on and start working. It works in the background and gathers all information about your work, which you can then access on the cloud.

Then, there is the issue of traveling. Particularly, if you are a digital nomad. Measuring your working time while traveling can be extremely challenging. Not to mention how much attention it requires to work on the train or bus and to remember not to miss your stop! Here’s where the mobile app comes in handy. All you have to do is just turn it on, and it records your working time automatically.

These are simple tricks but can save plenty of your time… and sanity.

#6 Integrations make your work smooth

Every freelancer knows the importance of technology and technological tools in work. It’s hard to work efficiently without them on a daily basis. They are crucial in proper communication, accounting, project and team management or in doing everyday tasks.

For this reason, TimeCamp is of great use for freelancers since it provides an extensive list of integrations. The list includes such integrations as Trello power-up, Asana, Jira, Evernote, and many more. They make work smooth and painless!


Did you know that TimeCamp team created a new team collaboration tool, that combines Trello and Slack features? It’s also perfect for freelancers who want to share their work with customers!


These simple tricks are, in fact, nothing more than essential TimeCamp features! However, they are powerful and can significantly improve your work. Because at TimeCamp we know that time tracking is not only about time tracking. It’s also about being able to measure your outcomes, enhance your work results, be more productive, and to avoid complicated processes. If you haven’t tried TimeCamp yet, make sure to check its free version and get most out of your work!

Don’t waste any more of your time and outfox the time thief lurking around your office! Register for free today and discover all the benefits of time tracking software for freelancers!

How Time Tracking Can Help Freelancers With 6 Easy Tricks

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