How to Achieve Your Goals?

Ever since people realized that there are tactics or techniques which could help them achieve anything they want to achieve, they started to study them closely and searched for the best (and easiest) possible way.

As much fun as shortcuts are, the advantages coming from them has been proved to be temporary. We at TimeCamp believe that the key to the success is right there inside of you. The first and most important step is to realize what you actually want or need. It might sound cheesy, but that certain knowledge is very often incredibly difficult to obtain.

Let’s say I’m lucky enough to understand what I want. What do I do next? What do I need to accomplish my goal? Is there an easy solution?

Those are all tricky questions, because generalizing in some cases is impossible, which does not allow us to create one universal solution. There is however one secret ingredient critical to our success. Here at TimeCamp we call it self-discipline.

Why all this divagation? Well, today we’ve introduced a new module into TimeCamp. We’d like to welcome Goals into our family of functions. You can now use TimeCamp to set your daily goals regarding your computer usage. You can now choose how much time would you like to spend on computer/specific categories or productive or non-productive applications each day. The indicator on your main Dashboard page will keep you posted on how you’re doing and how close you are to accomplish your goal.

Go ahead and try it out at

How to Achieve Your Goals?

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