How to Efficiently Manage Employee Allowance System

What Is Allowance System?

There are certain professions for which it may be difficult to estimate precise budget or payment. It may also concern most of the traditional jobs. That’s because they involve extra, often unpredicted or hard to predict spendings or resource allocation. These additional costs or spendings are called allowances.

Allowances include all costs not included in regular pay but are related to work. Typically, an employee allowance system covers such aspects as traveling expenses (meals, hotels, airplane tickets, etc.), benefits – costs incurred in commuting or working extra hours. There is a distinction of 5 most common employee allowances and it looks as the following:

  • accommodation;
  • benefit (food, clothing, etc.)
  • traveling (e.g.: costs related to commuting);
  • meal and clothing;
  • reimbursing (refunding employees for any unexpected on-the-job expenses that they incur).

Employee allowance system may be different depending on various circumstances. The basis for its creation and functioning may very often be the cultural background – the way taxation system works, company’s culture and regulations or any other individual factors. 

No matter the case, allowances are an important part of payroll and should be included in timesheets or budget because they account for the real value in terms of overall work processes.


How to Properly Manage Employee Allowance System?

Managing an employee allowance system may be a tough task. You not only have to allocate resources properly but also make sure all the numbers are under control, figures add up, and the budget isn’t exceeded. One of the first things that come to mind is having a good accountant or accounting software. But it may not be enough, especially when it comes to juggling it with employees work hours.

When taking into account managing different aspects of work, you also need to think about monitoring all of them. In particular, when they are all related to each other. It’s somewhat a life cycle of a project – tasks, people, money, time, etc. If you don’t include allowances, you won’t know the actual costs of a project.

Hence, the best way to manage an employee allowance system along with all other aspects is to use time tracking software. You can do it with the use of TimeCamp – an intuitive time tracking software which helps to monitor your employees’ work.

timecamp dashboard

TimeCamp allows you to add fixed costs to projects or tracked hours. This makes it possible to count the entire tasks or processes cost by using not only hours as the criteria for measuring work. You can measure work, tasks, and projects based on the budget. Including all the extra expenses. It also helps to predict future costs of projects and the ratio of working time to money.

Using time tracking software is a simple yet effective way which helps to save a lot of work and effort relating to employee allowance system management.

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What Else You Get When Using Time Tracking Software With Allowance System?

Integrating time tracking software with your employee allowance system has also many other benefits. Beside eliminating the unnecessary difficulties of accounting work, it enhances the financial procedures of your company. If you hire an accountant, you can easily improve his work by off-loading him/her of certain tasks.

When using time tracking software with employee allowance system, you can control and monitor leave module, analyze reports, link it to your company’s payroll system. To make it all even more smooth, TimeCamp integrates with accounting software, such as Quickbooks. And here’s more than that:

  • TimeCamp tracks all hours, both billable and non-billable so that you always know what your employees work on.
  • Beside integrating with an accounting software, the tool works with countless tools. Choose your favorite and make your employee allowance system even better!
  • Detailed reports give you insight into time and money spend on projects and tasks.
  • You can quickly turn reports into invoices and send them to your clients right away.
  • Additionally, TimeCamp supports all platforms (iOS, Mac, Linux) and is available as a mobile app.

Make employee allowance system smooth and efficient with the best time tracking software. Sing up for TimeCamp today!

To Conclude

Time is money. Even when it comes to allowances. In fact, knowing what happens with the extra money is one of the most important aspects of keeping a hand on the budget. And tools are there to make your work easier. If you combine time tracking software with employee allowance system, you will be able to efficiently control the budget and keep your company on the highest level!


How to Efficiently Manage Employee Allowance System

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