How To Hire And Work With Millennials

Currently looking for a job young people are the representatives of, so called, millennials. This is what children born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s are referred to. This generation is well-accustomed with technology and the latest trends. And for the entrepreneurs who want to develop their business based on the young employees, it is quite a large achievement to find a proper person with whom the cooperation in the future will be lucrative.

How To Manage Millennials?

Millennials are demanding, young people, paying particular attention to self-development and growth. For this reason, managing such people may be demanding. And that’s why you need to know how to manage millennials in the right way. TimeCamp presents five effective and tested ways.

1. Take care of your digital image


If you don’t exist on the internet’s aether, the chances of gaining young millennials as your employees are low. It is worth to invest in the digital image of your company as it attracts potential workers. Millenials like to know if it is possible to find a company on the internet. If they see a well-designed website which draws their attention and can see that the brand follows the latest trends and invests in development, then they will definitely want to work for you. Therefore, make sure your company’s digital image is appealing, looks fresh and modern, and makes people willing to engage in your business. Using social media for promotion and reaching out to potential workers may also be a great idea.

2. Be Clear


Before you begin working with millennials, make sure they understand every single aspect of your company. They need to know all things related to business, and it concerns not only their position but also your company’s mission. If they don’t like or don’t understand what is going on, they are more likely to leave the work. Consider the following elements while instructing millennials on their tasks:

  • explain the company’s policy and what it’s aimed at;
  • explain all the rules in the company;
  • provide them a clear vision of company’s goals;
  • give them clear instructions on what their duties in the company will be and what they should not do;
  • tell them about possible difficulties but also make it clear that there have to be compromises made in order to achieve success;
  • ask about their expectations and tell them what will be expected from them.

Nothing will be achieved if not presented clearly. Remember that millennials like to feel that they have an impact on society, that they are appreciated, and have the possibility for self-development. If you are not able to provide that, be clear and specific, millennials will walk away from you.

3. Be flexible

What characterizes millennials is their ability to adjust to almost everything. But they also do not like to be limited or forced to do things they do not feel good at or they do not agree with. These young people need to know you respect their opinion. So do not be too harsh on them,  let them take a day or two off and finish their tasks and projects at home. In contemporary times remote work is extremely popular and comfortable with an easy access to technology. Sometimes, taking work home may be a good idea and bring even larger profits. And forcing your employees to do more than they should is not good for both them and the company.

4. Provide Feedback and Possibility for Self-development


Millennials believe in self-development and progress. Don’t be too harsh on evaluating them. They are young and have the right to make mistakes. And the best way to learn is actually to learn from mistakes. Give them feedback after they are finished with their tasks. Explain what they did wrong so that they can remember and pay a better attention to it in the future. But also don’t limit them. Create a good workspace with the possibility for self-development. If you can provide easy access to online courses and trainings, help them in gaining new skills, you will see in no time how their self-development positively influences your company.

5. Recruit Millennials With Millennials

good team

We like to talk with those who can reflect and relate to our problems. The same goes for millennials. If you chose a millennial to talk to other millennial during the recruitment process, the chances that you will gain a new employee get much higher. Such young, potential employees feel good when they know another person understands them. And if you show that your company is open to young people, their attitude toward your business will be positive. They will know that in such a place they can feel like a “fish in water”.

Effective Management of Millennials

But there is one more important aspect of effective management of millennials which is tracking their work. And it is not about spying on them but monitoring their work hours. With all the technological progress, flexibility, and openness to new things and ideas, you, as a boss, and young employees may easily get lost in work. And that’s where TimeCamp comes with help.

remote workers

TimeCamp is a time tracking software which follows the user’s activity. It shows how many hours were spent on particular tasks and projects. With this tool, millennials’ work may become much easier. TimeCamp shows productive and unproductive activities helps to eliminate distractions and boosts productivity. Your young employees can always have insight into their work reports. And you, as their boss, will know exactly what and how they spend their time on and will never lose track of it.

TimeCamp is a great solution for companies which work with millennials. It is an easy-in-use tool with many useful functions and integrations. Every millennial will find working with it easy and effective.

Don’t waste your time and register today. See how convenient and beneficial it is for your company!

How To Hire And Work With Millennials

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