The Clockwork Employee, Or How To Improve Time Management At Work?

The world of business is harsh and kills the inept. It demands two things from the success-oriented: availability and efficiency, especially when it comes to employees. Because, let’s face the truth – the driving force of business prosperity are not business owners but the workforce. However, much as both factors are crucial to a company’s well-being, they are difficult to maintain for a long time. Distractions tend to mushroom ad infinitum, starting from endless phone calls to checking emails. What is the solution to this pressing problem? It is the improvement of time management.

How To Improve Time Management At Work?

How to save time at work. Methods vary. They may relate to, for example, the automation of one’s work, taking advantage of technological solutions, but often also changing habits is enough. Here are 7 methods that will allow you to save a little bit of precious time:

1. Give Social Media Up For Lost

Here is the most common scenario – you come to the office, have a cup of coffee, turn on your computer. And what? No doubt, you hurry up to feed time-eater by reading emails, finding out what’s new on Facebook, maybe Twitter, or Instagram. In short, social networking sites are some of the biggest thieves of working time, the only way to be productive is to turn off all social media while performing specific tasks.

2. Make Use Of Facebook  And Connect It To Group Work

group work


Facebook may have its advantages, and one of them is ”Facebook At Work”, which is linked with a phenomenon that companies more and more often lean to support their customers through social media – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn mostly. If there is a possibility to increase your profits, why shouldn’t you take it?

3. Use A Common Platform For Communication



Some people are good at talking face-to-face with others, some are not, particularly with their superiors. Therefore, instead of wasting time on finding another reason to avow a direct confrontation with coworkers, it is a good idea to use some common platform for communication within one’s company, such as Slack – a popular team management application.

4. Make Yourself Comfortable And Informatize And Automate Everything You Can


Automation can involve either process, management elements, or even issues such as e-mail enrolment. Humans are only humans, and they will always find a way to make their lives easier. And nobody says it is something bad, at least as long as they can facilitate their work activities. So consider if there is something you can automate – and then start doing it.

Looking for a perfect timesheeting software? Give TimeCamp a go!

5. Make A Better Use Of Your Motivation



The worst what one can do is to start doing something when our motivation is minimal, or we do not have it at all. That way, we lose a lot of time because completing even those simple tasks demands great effort. It is even worse if we use all our motivation to do many small things instead of taking care of one essential one. Putting ”trivialities” at the end of our to-do list can save time and even more trouble.


You don’t have to be a clockwork employee. There are ways to improve your efficiency without the need to work your guts out. Check the above methods once ore. Maybe you will find something inspiring and worth following. Good luck!

The Clockwork Employee, Or How To Improve Time Management At Work?

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