How to Measure Computer Activities

The way we work has changed drastically over the last century. Along with the technological progress and urbanization, our lives came to an entirely different level. Computers have become an inseparable part of our life and work and often cannot imagine our lives without them. But deep between all the data hidden beneath our daily activities, there’s a lot of information which can surprise us!

Computer Activities

Scientific American reports that “A recent national survey conducted by Common Sense Media, which included nearly 1,800 parents of children aged eight to 18, found that parents spend an average of nine hours and 22 minutes every day in front of various screens—including smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions.”  Even though the technology offers access to various devices, computers are still one of these which don’t seem to be outdated. We work on them, play games, talk to people or watch movies.

However, in today’s world of devices overfilled with various apps, extensions, and all the magical things which are there to make our lives better, it’s easy to get lost. We tend to lose control over what we do and very often we get lost in our work. This leads to decrease in productivity.

If you were to see the list of all the activities you do on your computer, you would be shocked at how many of them are counterproductive.

Monitoring Computer Activities

The best way to control all your computer activities is to measure them. Sounds a little too abstract? Maybe, but it’s nothing more than monitoring everything you do on a computer and measuring time you spend on particular tasks. 

How to do that? With time tracking software. And it’s easier than you think. We are going to show you a smart guide to measuring computer activities with TimeCamp. Of course, the way you do it depends completely on you but a time tracking software automates your work and saves a lot of your time. With TimeCamp computer usage tracking is a piece of cake.

Computer Activities With Time Tracking – How Does It Work?

best time tracking practices

What exactly TimeCamp does? It automatically tracks all your activities. Every single one. And it’s entirely free for unlimited users. Here’s how it works step by step:

  1. After registering and downloading the desktop app, you only turn it on and start your work.
  2. You can work in either automatic or manual mode.
  3. TimeCamp generates extensive reports, enabling you to see every activity you did during your work, beginning from checking your e-mails, reading news, or checking up recent posts on Facebook. The app also detects idle time whenever you decide to take your break.
  4. With those reports you can learn about all your computer activities and later use that information to create:
    1. a perfect schedule for your work,
    2. invoices,
    3. reports and timesheets.
  5. Additionally, integrations allow you to easily control all your activities and enhance your work.

To conclude. When using a time tracking software, you don’t change anything in your work or activities (besides boosting your productivity).

What You Gain?

When I started using TimeCamp for my work, I discovered that 27% of all my activities was checking Facebook! After several months of using TimeCamp it’s only 8% now. Still, a lot but it’s a way to go. And this is exactly what you can discover with using time tracking software for your computer activities.


What exactly you do? How much time you spend on certain computer activities? How much time per day do you actually work? Are you reaching the peak of your productivity? You’ll find out this and more with time tracking software. But above all, you will be able to measure all your computer activities and learn how much time you dedicate to every action. Sounds good? Don’t forget that time tracking software is there to help you improve work and eliminate activities which do not bring anything good into your work!

Uncover all computer activities’ secrets with a free time tracking software and register for free today!

How to Measure Computer Activities

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