How To Promote Successfully On Reddit?

Reddit is something more than usual social media channel like Facebook or Twitter – it’s  a social bookmarking site where people can share what they’re thinking about or what they just have found in dephts of the Internet. It’s very popular because of its way of working – it not allows making the friends circles, so you can read everything unless is checked as private, the template is simplified and the atmosphere is quite specific.

Existing on Reddit is an excellent opportunity for your company, product or blog – as long as you know how to promote yourself there.

This channel has one undeniable advantage – lots of articles or thoughts posted there can go viral.

Unfortunately it’s not that all your posts will be noticed by others instantly, that’s a pipe dream.

So, how to attract people to published content and get hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website or blog? The process is quite difficult, because Reddit has restrict spam rules. Posting too many times about your company or product or even submitting similar links (eg. from one website) is not allowed and has effect with immediate ban.

Reddit Meme

It’s connected directly with Karma, because if your posts were downvoted below the level, you’re banned instantly. To get the access back, you have to contact with Reddit moderators. But here is another suprise for all the people who want to promote themselves there – a stealth ban, when your account seems to work normal, but the content you post is not visible actually.

All we have to do is to be
on the light side of the force.

For an usual user Reddit can be quite incomprehensible, especially for people acquainted with the way Facebook works.

Upvoting, downvoting, Karma… Sounds weird, but it’s really useful when you’re looking for good quality content.

Why? Because submissions with the highest score (upvotes and downvotes ratio) are on the top. And the most important is it can be voted by anyone, because Reddit doesn’t have a “friends” feature.


You can find anything you want and post on every subject that you’re intrested in on Reddit, thanks to the “Subreddit” feature. And that’s the key to success if you want to promote your services through this channel. If you’re writing about your niche, eg. project management software, it probably would not be interesting for a bicycles fan. But remember – all the subreddits have their own rules, so read them before posting to avoid treating like a spammer.

Reddit Meme

Reddit is not the same as Facebook

We have to understand that Reddit profile doesn’t work like a fanpage on Facebook or Twitter page, where we can promote our product or service almost without restrictions.

That’s why sharing content from other websites or things which are not related to our niche is that important.

And one more thing – check in the website before submitting if somebody has not posted it. If it has, just upvote it.

Promote and Affect SEO

Reddit is highly authoritative, but all the posts submitted there are nofollow first. They are getting dofollow when they’re upvoted probably three or four times. Sharing the right and interesting content there guarantees the positive effect on your SEO.  Being on the first page of Reddit is also a promise of huge traffic to your website. How to achieve it? The post should collect as many upvotes in one hour as it’s possible, be original and funny or quite controversional. Or  cats should be included, because they’re the most viral.

How to make an interesting content for Reddit and get highly upvoted?

  • Make it original –  as I said above, check if it doesn’t exist there. Your post can get stuck in thousands of similar, so write something unique to avoid it,
  • If your content is not unique, try to find an interesting title to catch the attention. Questions are good, they drive engagement.
  • Submit your content in proper subreddit – try to always choose subreddits, because focusing on right target is required when you want to promote yourself there.
  • Don’t post too often, because we want to do everything to not being treated like a spammer,
  • Hear the Reddit users community – follow other users, their subreddits, read their content (and not just post yours) to know what they need at the moment and how you can satisfy them,
  • Don’t expect excellent results immediately – the process of promoting goes slowly there, but the benefits are undeniable.

And one more advice – don’t be afraid of posting there.  No pain, no gain!

How To Promote Successfully On Reddit?

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