How To Promote Your Software Online?


Business is not only understood as manufacturing plants requiring massive investments (especially those technological and logistic ones ) and mobile sales representatives. It is described in the American bestseller “Rework”. Its authors, J. Fried and D.H. Hansson pointed that when it’s about e-commerce, we have to redefine the traditional approaches to advertising, doing business, logistics, and investments. The era of excellent ideas and ambitious start-ups is coming, unfortunately, business soap bubbles and unprofitable e-commerce businesses as well.

Have you ever wondered how software companies promote their products on the Internet? It’s a crucial issue because online advertising is quite different than traditional types of promotion. It’s well known that the more website is popular, the bigger is the success (or vice-versa). What is the most common software sale process? We register on the developer’s website and download the demo. When the free trial period is almost over, we have to decide if we’re ready to buy the full version.

How To Promote Your Software?

I don’t want to describe here the on-page ways of website optimization. More important is to focus on the most common attitude towards it and the promotion methods of software developer’s websites (without offline activities).

Use Various Types Of Advertising To Promote Your Software

Your software can be mobile, desktop or SaaS. There are many websites where you can submit your software for promotion (regardless of its location) as well as mobile app review submittals (find our list here).

Look for such websites and check their parameters using tools like MajesticSeo, Semrush or Ahrefs.

Remember that two things are incredibly important: your position in the ranking defined by GooglePlay or iTunes, as well as how your app is reviewed (positively or negatively) affects when promoting your software.

Promote Your Software

Follow Your Opponents

Use places where your opponents promote their software to do the same. Online tools may be helpful to you, e.g. MajesticSeo Clique Hunter.

Monitor Internet Activity

Blog articles, forum posts, and comments work as well. But if you don’t use Black Hat SEO methods, it is advisable to invest in Internet monitoring software. There are some free tools like Google Alerts and Talkwalker Alerts or paid ones such as Brand 24 and Mention. You can also browse the most popular topics on platforms you know using Google queries, e.g. “ antivirus adds comment.” When comments are available, take a chance and react to them. Immediately. New customers await!

Use Content Marketing

Use content marketing strategies on your website – make people think about you as a specialist (mostly on your blog or news section).

Explore your ideas and become an influencer – but not only in your readers eyes, because Google will react by building a wider base of focus keywords from your topic.

Just remember about internal linking and how to write a compelling content.

Find The Power In Social Media

Share your content on social media. Bear in mind that it’s not just Facebook or Twitter, but less public channels as well, like Reddit, Quora or LinkedIn Pulse platform, where you can find your potential customers. Create groups, threads, invite friends.

Promote Your Software


Remember About Link Building

Obtain links from your customers. There is nothing better for link building than a link from somebody who uses your app.

Remember about making it possible to integrate your app with software of your partners who are well known on the market and have their own customers. It may help you to draw the attention of those customers to your app, too.

But there is one obstacle – your integration utility – the more useful it is, the bigger chances to place your link on the website of your partners.

Take Care Of Your Product

In the case of software and the approach to the very development of business, the most vital principle is the QUALITY of your product, the PRODUCT FOR ITS OWN SAKE – marketing is only an addition. Many e-commerce businesses can be done without significant advertising expenses because their product is the answer to the most critical customer needs. The best ways to promote yourself online are your customers,  what they think about your product. Google will sooner or later know that your business is valuable, but you have to invest in your software improvement.


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promote your software


How To Promote Your Software Online?

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  2. “Nice article Pawel. Promoting your software and other products through internet are pretty simple these days, but it’s not easy to make it stand out from the rest. Companies now have strategies for promoting their products, one of the most popular and common is through social media. I think the best way to promote your software is with your customer reviews, their statements is a big boost to promote your product. When other people know that your software have good and unique features, they might also think to purchase your product too.

    Software startups can also use a little enlightenment and motivation. Here are some of the best advices for them if you don’t mind.

  3. Pawel, thanks for collecting these perfect tips for promoting software online! Can’t believe that it’s such an easy process. Need to try them when promoting my brand new app!

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