How To Reward Employees In the Right Way?

In one of our posts titled “How To Motivate With Bonuses” we wrote about why it is good for the company, and the employees, to award them with bonuses. We discussed how it influences their work outcomes and helps them stay productive but also how measuring this productivity is crucial in rewarding.

However, it is also worth remembering that employees should be rewarded in the right way. Giving them bonuses will not bring any change if you don’t do it in an appropriate way. In today’s post, TimeCamp presents the right ways to reward employees.

How To Reward Employees in the Right Way?

Cash is the universal way of reward as a bonus. It hs served as a bonus since we can remember. And it is a great method of rewarding employees. However, it is not the only way. There are many more things which you can give to your team instead of money. Things which will make them happier. 

Give Your Employees Opportunity For Self-development


One of the best ways of rewarding employees is to help them develop their skills. And there are different ways to do this:

  • conferences and seminars for employees;
  • meetings concerning particular areas of work and helping to develop employees’ competitions;
  • trainings;
  • online courses;
  • competitions allowing for gaining experience, etc.

This type of a reward will not only make the employees happy but will also be a great experience which will help them improve their work.

Take Care Of Their Health


Do you know that your employee’s outcomes to a big extent depend on their physical and mental wellness? That’s why you should always think about how they feel. Did they use all their days off for this year? Do they stay extra hours after work when they don’t have to?
Make it obligatory for all people in the company to take holiday leave. If you see someone sick, call it a day and make sure they go on a sick leave. It will be good not only for their physical but also mental health. By that, they will be always at the top of their productivity. 

Be Grateful


Appreciating your employees’ work is one of the best ways to reward them. A simple “thank you” sometimes means much more than a material reward. It makes people feel appreciated and keeps them motivated. They know that their work doesn’t go to waste but is taken seriously.

Be Flexible


Employees appreciate if their hard work is rewarded in ways different than monetary benefits. They feel useful when their boss or project manager is open to different possibilities such as:

  • a possibility of remote work,
  • implementing new tools and equipment at work,
  • improving 
  • openness to new solutions and trends appearing on the market, 
  • following the trends and changing the strategy, etc.

When you provide your employees with the proper tools and environment for work, they will be more productive and it will be the best reward for their work and hours spent in the office.

Recognize And Appreciate


Simple appreciation and recognition are the best rewards for employees. Make sure you know what their place in the company is, what duties they perform. Let them know you value highly their work and that they are not just some insignificant personas. This will create a good atmosphere and a happy workplace.

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The Value of Rewards

Rewarding your employees in the right way is the beneficiary because it helps in creating a perfect workplace. And such a workplace boosts employees’ productivity and company’s results. Other ways to boost your employees’ productivity is to organize and engage them in small acts of kindness such as workplace giving. The team is happy and knows that what they do has a sense. And a product created in such a place is admirable and desired by the customers. So don’t waste time and resources and start rewarding your employees today!

How To Reward Employees In the Right Way?

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