How To Track Time?

Imagine you would have one extra hour per day to finish all your tasks you didn’t do earlier… Sounds nice, right? The question is if we would spend it on carrying out our tasks or lazing around. Unfortunately, it’s impossible physically, because simply we can’t reverse the sun. But it’s a way to get even more additional hours without any effort. The idea is straightforward, and you don’t have to reorganize your daily routine to implement it.

The answer is time tracking – an easy solution which consists in measuring how much time people spend on their activities and where they waste it the most. Thanks to that, they can eliminate all the distractions and work more effectively.

It could be utilized both at work and at home, but it’s familiar mostly in all the business-related areas.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it just with the piece of paper and a pen, writing all the hours spent at work or private activities down. Time tracking software does it for you – once you turn your computer or mobile devices on, a tool you currently use is saving data about what you’ve done.

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But How To Track Time?

  1. Choose your favorite time tracking software and sign up for it.
  2. Decide on which type of device you want to use it – your computer, smartphone, or maybe browser extension.
  3. Download your tool and install it on your device (or add to your browser extensions list).
  4. Depending on how many features it has, choose how you would like to track your time – automatically or manually.
  5. Add to the list those projects and tasks you want to track project time for.
  6. Enable your tool and start tracking time.

Those six simple steps are quickly describing the entire process of tracking time – with just a few clicks, you could increase your productivity and improve time management skills. Isn’t it easy? TimeCamp, thanks to its features, allows you to stop wasting time and start saving money, as the proverb says.

What are the benefits of tracking time?

Most of us, except for thinking about “How to track time,” are wondering if this process may benefit us in any way? Here a list of advantages that could dispel the doubts:

  • financial benefits – measuring time spent at work helps you to avoid hours and money leaking (TimeCamp offers to bill and invoicing, so you have perfect insight into your costs),
  • projects and tasks are finished on time, so you don’t have any problems to meet deadlines,
  • the reporting feature allows you to have all your hours data in black so that you can bill your customers accurately,
  • knowing how much time you usually spend on the tasks helps  you be more disciplined,
  • budget and time controlling means better results, because you know perfectly where you would finish current projects (delivery date) and start new ones,
  • identifying problems with deadlines earlier allows you to make the changes immediately.

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How to choose the perfect time tracking software?

We know how to track time, but how to choose the perfect time tracking software which would meet your expectations perfectly?

First, you have to write down all the features it should be equipped with. Remember that the more, the better because the results will be more precise. TimeCamp offers a wide range of useful features. Except for time tracking, it has invoicing, billing, reporting and budgeting, and many others, so it’s worth giving it a try!

Second – make research through the time tracking software market. The Internet is full of various websites with lists and rankings (like Capterra – take a look at Top Time Tracking Software Products). Read reviews and opinions, because people also leave there some useful advice and feedback about using the tool). You can also look for articles posted on popular and reliable websites like:

  • 4 Excellent Free Timekeeping Software Options for Lawyers
  • Eight time tracking tools that can skyrocket productivity

Third – try to look for sites with comparisons. Use the phrase “tool one vs. tool ” and compare their features like here:

  • Time Tracking Software Comparison: TimeCamp vs. Harvest and the more extended one: TimeCamp vs. Harvest
  • Toggl versus TimeCamp and the more extended one: TimeCamp vs. Toggl
  • Chrometa versus TimeCamp

Fourth – it would be better to test the tool before choosing it, so find if a vendor offers a 30-day trial. It’s a handy feature because it allows you to try all the features you are interested in.

The fifth is the simplest! You would probably choose the perfect one, so use it and enjoy saving your time!

After reading this post, you would be sure that tracking time is a piece of cake. The most difficult part is the moment of choosing the right time tracking software, but thanks to advice provided, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. After a short period of using it, you will be able to see how amazing the results can be!

Stop asking yourself how to track time.

Start saving it!

How To Track Time?

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