How To Use Time Tracking For Personal Activities?

Time is the only resource that each one of us has in the same amount. So how we decide to and how we actually spend it is of utmost importance to take into consideration. You get only twenty-four hours a day, do you want to waste them or make the most of them?

With so many possibilities and distractions in an individual’s life, it’s hard to keep a track of time individually that you spend on your work, personal computer activities and being productive.

Fortunately, in this modern age of smartphones and laptops, you can now easily do time tracking for personal activities with the help of a time tracking software.

How? Read on below to find out.

A time tracking software is software that will allow you to record the time you spend while working or being productive. The software is widely used around the world, especially by freelancers and clients who bill their freelancers by the hour.

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When time tracking for personal activities such as working, reading, exercising, studying etc., you will have to keep the tracker running. Every minute or anhour for however long you decide to carry out your personal activities, you tracker will be running continuously.

Time tracking is the most productive and efficient method of keeping a record of the time you spend in your personal activities.

How to use easy time tracking?

Time tracking is easy to use, all you have to do is download a time tracking software to your computer or smartphone and then begin using it in no time.

Enter in all your personal activities and then start the clock when you are doing one of them.

After you know how to measure and track the time you spend, it is also highly important to know when to track your time. Below are some simple and standard tasks performed that require time tracking, from an individual’s day to day life:

  • Book reading/ Media/ Learning – the time you spend on taking notes, learning, reading and watching movies in general.
  • Working – office projects, freelancing etc. Know how much time you spent on them to increase your time management skills. All is important!
  • Sleeping
  • Personal projects – the time you spend on your personal projects that are planning a vacation or handling any financial problems.
  • Social – any time that you spend with family or friends and also on social networking sites.
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Make sure you review your time tracking software on a weekly basis to find out where most of your time goes. With a help of a time tracking software you will be able to easily understand your daily habits. It can help you can focus mainly on being more productive the next time. Easily track time spend on personal activities and get your detailed reports on your activity daily.

Time tracking software will simply be the best time management method you will ever test. It will help you increase your productivity by easily monitoring the time you spend working and on your personal activities, also some software will even inform you when and how you were the most productive and the most distracted.

How To Use Time Tracking For Personal Activities?

3 thoughts on “How To Use Time Tracking For Personal Activities?

  1. I’ve just checked if Todoist, which I use for managing to-do lists, has a time tracking integration. And it does! I can’t wait to try it.

    1. Hi Daniel!
      Unfortunately, we don’t offer tags feature, but it’s in our plans for the nearest feature. We’ve recently launched TimeCamp’s roadmap, so please visit it so stay up to date with all the changes!
      Ola at TimeCamp

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