How to Use Time Tracking Software As an Attendance Management System?

One of the perks of having a company is managing your team’s attendance. Sometimes employees forget to enter their attendance or do it carelessly and then you’re left with an adequate data. And then, you have to figure out how to solve the problem of tracking the attendance at your company…

Attendance Management System AMS

Attendance management system (AMS) is important in every business. Of course, unless you work solo. In today’s busy work environment many CEOs decides to use multiple software to enhance employees’ productivity and as a result, help the business work better and bring more profits. But sometimes trying to implement more tools than your company actually needs may end up causing more mess than discipline.

You can try to limit the risk of possible chaos by choosing these tools which have multiple functions. In other words, use this software, which helps to manage different aspects of your business.

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Time And Attendance

Today we’re talking about attendance management system. But how can you actually incorporate such a tool into other tool and benefit from it?

That’s right! You can use time tracking software as AMS! And you can do it by using TimeCamp. But how can exactly time tracking software help you in managing your employee’s attendance? Here’s a short and simple overview:

  • TimeCamp track all your employees’ activities,
  • the desktop app works automatically in the background without disturbing your team,
  • all the information synchronizes with the cloud on the server,
  • every single activity, time off, vacation, is available in the reports.

At the end of the day, week or month, you can check your employees’ attendance by looking at their activities. All the reports show you precise time during which people logged in and out of the computer, or when they turned the app on and off. But also if they’re work time was actualy spent on work. What is more, you can not only check their attendance but also get updates on the projects’ status but also on your team’s possible backlogs.


Incorporating attendance management system into time tracking system is a great way of smoothing work and taking away the extra work connected with the use of two different tools. It is also a great way of boosting employees’ productivity.


How to Use Time Tracking Software As an Attendance Management System?

2 thoughts on “How to Use Time Tracking Software As an Attendance Management System?

  1. Thank you for the informative piece. To add on this, i would like to bring in the idea of using attendance software for people working outside office. How would we ensure that each worker goes to their workstation on time and does their job? I think the use of attendance application can resolve this case and provide important information on the employee behavior outside the office. We have been using the attendance application for fideld workers and not its providing us with timesheet for automated processing of payroll and appraisals.

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