How To Avoid Mistakes While Implementing Time Tracking Software?

How To Implement Time Tracking Software?

Implementing passive time tracking software can be problematic, especially for a large company with many employees.  But if managed in the right way, it can bring many benefits.

The common opinion about time tracking software is that people feel like being observed. That their every move and action is monitored as if the boss was spying on them. For this, and many other reasons, employees don’t like time tracking software. But they don’t realize how helpful it can be when it comes to managing the business, all tasks, and projects.

And for a project manager, it can be even more challenging.  But there are ways to implement time tracking in a proper manner and make it all easier both for you and your employees.

Don’t Force Time Tracking – Show People The Benefits


Nobody likes to be forced to do things they don’t like. The same goes with time tracking. If you suddenly order people to start tracking their computer activities, they won’t be happy. Even worse! Their productivity may decrease to zero. That’s why it’s important to focus on the benefits of time tracking. Talk to your employees and show them the good sides of such a software. Tell them it’s not only for you but also for them. To make their work easier and more effective.

Give Clear Guidelines


Using time tracking software can be problematic for those who never had a contact with it before. And your employees may feel reluctant to track their work. To help them get accustomed with how time tracking software works, it’s good to give them guidelines.

Pick a date, a room, fresh fruits and a piece of cake and organize a meeting for all employees. Tell them why you’re implementing the software, how it works, who is it for, and what are the benefits. Show them how to use it in order to become successful. Prepare a written list of the most important issues and options. Tell the people about the features. Be ready to answer their questions and dispel all doubts. Help them adapt, otherwise, they won’t use the software.

Use The Right Software


There’s plenty of time tracking software available on the market. You have to be able to choose the right one. It’s important to track time accurately, especially that work may be active or passive.  The best solution is TimeCamp. First and foremost, with TimeCamp everything is tracked in real time. It allows understanding what employees do between projects and assign hours as billable or non-billable. You can easily verify what the person is doing. 

Haven’t ever learned about the basics of time tracking? Watch the video below and find out all TimeCamp features!


Reward Your Employees



Your employees will appreciate the time tracking software if you reward them for their work with it. And it doesn’t have to be extra money. It can be any kind of bonus. The options are limitless: tickets to cinema or theatre, a weekend at a ski resort, one extra day off. Once people see the work with time tracking software is prized, they’ll be motivated to work better.

Ask For Feedback



Ask your employees about their opinion, what should be changed or improved. In this way, you show them that you care about them and value their work. Make sessions together to exchange ideas and opinions. Let them criticize in order to improve your business. You can share progress and talk about future of the company.

Only Let Managers Create Projects And Tasks


If you let everyone in the company create tasks and projects, it’ll soon become a mess. You’re the manager and you should be responsible for assigning tasks to particular people.

In TimeCamp it’s even easier as the software enables you to create different tasks according to people, projects, or budget. So it’s not only easier but clear. You always stay on top of your business and make sure everyone does their duties. In this way implementing time tracking software is easy.

To Conclude

Implementing time tracking software can be an easy undertaking if performed with commitment. If you take into consideration the above tips, it’ll be done faster and much more professionally. Don’t forget to take a look at TimeCamp while searching for time tracking tools! We provide many great features and integrations with other apps. Good luck!

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How To Avoid Mistakes While Implementing Time Tracking Software?

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