Improve Email Productivity With 6 Easy Steps

When it comes to productivity, emails are an important aspect of this. Emails are a great way to keep people in communication throughout the day, especially within the office. The trick is to make sure that these emails are actually productive, otherwise there is no point.

Improve Email Productivity With 6 Easy Steps!

There are ways to make this more productive. As the boss, it is your job to make sure that their employees are as productive as possible because time is money. Here are some steps to make emails more productive.

Create Strict Email Policies

Email can be a pretty addictive thing, especially when phones go off all of the time notifying you about emails.

At work this can be easier due to work restrictions place on you by your employer.

At home it can be more difficult though. You should set some time aside for emails to help make sure that you do not get lost in the time sink that is found in emails.

Just Avoid it All Together

This may be easier said than done but just avoiding temptation all together can make a huge difference here. As soon as you hear your email alert go off, just ignore it. Anytime you open an email, you are going to sink into a rabbit hole that you may not be able to get out of, which will hurt your email productivity.


Use Your Staff to Help with Emails

You should use your staff like a personal assistant, if you have one, to screen your emails. This means that they can prioritize your emails for you to make sure that you get your critical emails as soon as possible and let some unimportant ones slide until later.

Avoid Using Email for Tasks

It is far more effective to use a spreadsheet or project management tools than email to keep a running list of tasks, especially since emails can easily be washed away from day to day.

Sometimes emails can be missed and other things can also go wrong with email that will make tasks fall through the cracks. For better productivity, you can use an all-in-one email client that will help you effectively manage all your emails and tasks.

Tasks that are not completed puts your office behind and hurts your overall business.

Make Use of Those Subject Lines

You probably send emails with either a blank subject line or one that says “Hello”. To be more productive, these emails should have a subject line that is actually descriptive about what is inside the email.

This will help in case you need to go back to emails to find something about a previous task.

This also goes for when you forward emails. Redo the subject line with a clear description of the task at hand. This should also be something that you encourage your staff to do as well.

Time Management Tools

One way to increase email productivity is through time tracking software. A time tracking software  can give employers a weekly email summary as well as a variety of other services to help increase your employee productivity. This is just one option to consider.

Improve Email Productivity With 6 Easy Steps

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