How to Increase Your Employees’ Motivation


Working at the office can be tiresome, even boring. A boss that constantly nag and expects too much from the team does not help as well. Also, inner conflicts appear from time to time. Generally, it is not easy to keep employees motivated and ready to work hard.

However, there are some ways of boosting their performance. We will share a few tips that may help you increase your employees’ motivation. A great atmosphere in a company will not only increase its income – it will result in your business achieving a higher position in the work market, giving you the opportunity to hire more qualified workers.

As a manager, try to follow these five simple rules, and you may be surprised with the outcome!

1. Give your employees a challenge

How many people claim that they hate Monday mornings? It’s true, getting up early after the weekend, struggle through traffics to get to work – such things can really undermine anyone’s motivation. Especially if the work is not encouraging in any way. An employee needs a chance to develop, not only financially. Working on exciting projects gives a boost of energy and motivation, so it would be nice to make the tasks at work as engaging as possible.

As a manager, you must be the one, who makes your employees’ day more entertaining. Organize meetings, brainstorming, discussions, conferences, and training. Make sure that their tasks are not just the same thing over and over again. Give them a challenge, and they will face it with more enthusiasm and engagement.

To find how your employees deal with the challenge, give employee tracking software new a try and implement TimeCamp to your company! 


2. Share control

If you try to control your employee to hard, the results are usually inversely proportional to expectations. After all, you employ him or her, because you expect them to handle their tasks properly. If you show them that you don’t trust them at every opportunity, they will feel like they are useless. Employees who are given more space to focus on their work are going to learn faster, and they will use this chance to show how reliable they are.


3. Give small rewards

Work cannot always be entertaining. 40 hours a week is a lot of time and cannot be dedicated only to fun and engaging activities. Some things have to be done, no matter how boring they are. This is where employees may need some additional motivation. For example, in the form of small rewards for the well-done job.


4. Be flexible

As a boss, you have to know your employees well and respond to their needs accordingly. Be familiar with their motivations. Allow young parents to adjust the working hours, so they can see and play with their kids (and take them to the kindergarten in the morning.)  The creative individualist should be allowed to work on his or her own projects – this may be more beneficial to the company, than a regular work. Google does that, allowing its employees to spend 20% of their working time on their own projects.


5. Office is not everything

A great way to increase the engagement and motivation of your employees is to integrate the team. It is not fun to spend 8 hours a day with people that we do not really know. Making them acknowledge each other is the first step to building a reliable and solid team. Instead of counting minutes to the end of the working day, they will enjoy spending time in the office, thanks to the company of friends. A party once in a while is also a great way to show your employees how a cool boss you are!

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How to Increase Your Employees’ Motivation

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