15 Amazing Productivity Apps for Your iPhone, Part One.

Smartphones are wonderful devices. Their advanced computing abilities allow us to perform practically any activity that once required a computer. Unfortunately, what can be seen mostly among representatives of younger generations, smartphones are being used mostly for entertaining purposes – they are very time-consuming, and they jeopardize personal relationships. For example, go to McDonald’s, find a table occupied by teenagers, and observe what they are doing – instead of talking, they have their faces buried in their phones’ screens.

Thus the idea for this article. We must realize, that smartphones can be used for many practical activities, boosting our productivity and efficiency. Helping us to organize both our time and our stuff. We present the list dedicated particularly to the iPhone users. On this list, you will find 15 great productivity apps for iPhones with a short description, a photo presenting the app and a link to their homepage. Some of them can be integrated with our time tracking software – TimeCamp. We highly recommend to use as many integrations between apps as you can find, this will definitely make your life easier!

OK, now let us start with the list:

What is the best time tracking app for iPhone?

1. TimeCamp

Our time tracking app is available on every system. It monitors time spent using a particular device and provides users with a display of all the activities – both positive and negative ones. Users are able to log their time, create new tasks, and generate reports and so forth.


2. Evernote

Wery well-developed app that can be used to take notes, create to-do lists and save articles and information found online. It is possible to synchronize it with other Evernote apps, no matter what the device is. Get your work effortlessly organized – this is an amazing tool for making, saving, and mapping ideas.


You can integrate Evernote with TimeCamp

3. Asana

Available for free, Asana is a superb tool for enhancing team cooperation. Team tracks their work and tasks through it. Asana also offers to exchange comments on the project or task, sending notifications, creating new tasks or finishing those completed. Quite simple and intuitive.


 You can integrate Asana with TimeCamp

4. Dropbox

Everyone knows Dropbox. It is a storage app for photos, docs, videos, and many other file formats. Every file is backed up and users can access it from any device that has Dropbox app installed, even without an internet connection. It is also possible to sent files from Dropbox to people who do not have this app.


You can integrate Dropbox with TimeCamp

5. Wunderlist

This free application can be used for creating to-do lists and organize tasks. It is much easier to get things done, once we install it on our phone and start to use it. Our lists can be accessed from any device, as Wunderlist synchronizes our devices. It is one of the most popular apps of this type in the world.


You can integrate Wunderlist with TimeCamp

6. Producteev 

Note: as of as of June 18, 2018, Producteev has been discontinued and is no longer available for use.

Producteev is a task management app equipped with an intuitive and elegant interface. It helps in project management, email and task management, and team cooperation. Users can create to-do lists and set due dates and reminders. It is completely free for an unlimited number of users!


7. Todoist

ToDoist is a great app for organizing and prioritizing tasks and projects. It helps to keep everything in order. It can also be used to assign tasks to others, send reminders or create to-do lists. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. There is a free version for life with options to upgrade it.


 You can integrate ToDoist with TimeCamp

8. Captio

A simple app for sending quick notes, photos or screenshots to ourselves. Everything we need is delivered instantly to our email’s inbox or temporarily stored on our device if we do not have an internet connection. All the information we send is not stored by the third party.


9. Doodle

This app is designed to help with social scheduling. We can use it to find the most convenient time to start an event, select the preferences of our guests, and start sending invites. It is great for organizing both typical fun parties and business meetings.


10. iDolly

Or Dolly Drive – an online backup, file sync and storage application designed especially for Apple users. It is available for free and once installed, we can browse between the stored files and transfer them from our iPhone to iPad or the other way around.


11. Clear

As the name suggests, Clear is an app designed to de-clutter the busy schedules. This to-do and reminders app offers gesture-based interface, personalization, synchronization with Apple devices, and more. Highly acclaimed and awarded.


12. Free-Time 2

Great app for organizing our calendars. It can be used to inform others that we are available, manage our tasks and meeting, and much more. It automatically monitors our calendar and informs us, when we have time off.


13. Drafts

This app is designed for capturing and sharing texts. Every time we open it, a new, blank draft awaits – once we write our message, we can share it through various social media services or emails.


14. Agenda

Agenda notifies us about the upcoming events and offers estimated travel time and directions to our meeting. It is highly customizable with months navigation, the number of weeks, and information about regional holidays and weekends. Available in 38 languages.


15. Do

Another app designed to help in organizing, preparing and running meetings. The meeting participants can be immediately reached via emails (for example to confirm their participation). We can also send and receive meeting summaries, write notes, share the meeting agenda with meeting participants and much more.


Those are all the apps for today. We hope that you will find many of them quite useful in managing your everyday tasks and organizing all sorts of meetings and events. Stay tuned, because pretty soon we are going to publish another list of great productivity apps for iPhone!

15 Amazing Productivity Apps for Your iPhone, Part One.

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