15 Amazing Productivity Apps for Your iPhone, Part Two.

As promised, this is the continuation of the previous post, where we described fifteen wonderful applications that can enhance your productivity and efficiency. They offer huge help when it comes to performing everyday activities, as well as completing tasks at work.

Without further delay, here is the second part of our article on productivity applications for iPhone that you honestly should consider downloading and trying. Oh, and this time we won’t place TimeCamp on top of the list but please remember that it is and always will be there!

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1. OmniFocus

One of the most popular apps of this type. It comes with flexible viewing options, location awareness, and ability to add tasks from every place. Its intuitive interface lets you keep track of every task by project, person, place or date. Everything you need is safely stored on your iPhone. However, it costs $39.99, which is quite a big price for a phone app.


2. 30/30

A cool task manager in which you are able to set up a list of tasks and the amount of time that you want to dedicate to them. The timer will inform you when it is time to move on to the next task. You can create multiple lists and sync this app with other devices.


3. QuickCal Mobile

This app’s main purpose is to create events and reminders. It takes just a few seconds to create an event – you can either type or dictate it, its artificial intelligence will immediately propose possible keywords. You can switch between different calendars while planning meetings.


4. Flow Tasks

Neat team communicator used by such giants as Tesla, Etsy or TED. You can chat with your teammates, plan projects, discuss tasks, and do other important things – everything from your iPhone.


5. Day One Journal

Super tool for bloggers and journalists. Day One lets you capture your life on the spot. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you can use this tool to journal about all the events that happen to you. It is fast and simple to use. Does it boost your productivity? We believe it does.

dayone-screen 6. Things

This task manager application can become your best friend. It is easy to use, yet it offers some powerful features. The elegant and intuitive interface lets you manage your tasks without any effort. You can add items to your list and check them off it once you complete them. Everything you need to know is displayed in a clear way.


7. Soulver

An amazing calculator replacement for your iPhone. It lets you do calculations over multiple lines, and use words alongside numbers, so you will remember what exactly you were counting. If you have anything to do with numbers, do not hesitate to replace your old calculator with this app.

soulver-screen8. Threadnote

Threadnote helps you manage text notes. It displays not only the title of the note but its full text as well. You can add tags to your notes and link the via a parent-child relationship. Smooth search engine and great visual display make this tool one of the best choices when you are looking for a notepad extension.

threadnote-screen9. Calvetica Calendar

Calvetica is one of the most popular calendars for iPhones and iPads. It offers a beautiful interface with a lot of features. You can sync it with your old calendar and transfer all existing data to Calvetica. Adding new events is a piece of cake.calvaticacalendar-screen10. 1Password

A solid tool for keeping your passwords safe and protected. It’s cute and simple and comes with a password generator to help you when you need a bulletproof password. You can store on it practically everything – usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, addresses and more.


11. Launch Center Pro

Use this app to speed up your phone activities. You can launch every app you want with a simple shortcut. Just a flick of your thumb is enough to message your friends, start a camera, begin to twit or write a facebook message.


12. Checkmark 2

An amazing to-do app recommended by thousands of satisfied users. Among its features are location groups, one-tap rescheduling, customizable reminders, new alert options, iCloud support, and much more. Everything for just $4.99


13. TeuxDeux

Getting things done will be much easier with TeuxDeux. It automatically synchs with the cloud and backs up your to-dos. It offers markdown, voice-to-text, calendar date picker, to-dos dragging, editing, and more.


14. Toodledo

A powerful productivity tool that helps you manage your time better with features like to-do lists, notes, tracking your habits and making outlines and lists.  Toodledo can track the priority, due date, time, lenght and status of task. You can flag or tag your tasks, set audible popup alarms, make a hotlist of important tasks and many more.


15. Pop for iOS

Pop is like a piece of paper that you always have near when a good idea comes to mind or there is a need to quickly write something down. You can easily copy and paste the text, as well as clear the page. It is very simplistic but its got many fans.


15 Amazing Productivity Apps for Your iPhone, Part Two.

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