Why Should You Listen to Music While Working?


Calms and rejoices. Makes us want to dance and has the strength to act. It brings on this unique rhythm, thanks to which everything goes easier. What am I talking about? About music, of course!

Music has always been an important place in my life. I started with mother lullabies; typical nursery rhymes listened to facial excitement in the early years of elementary school. My proper taste began to shape only at the turn of the grammar school and high school – then it came to me how pleasant the guitar tone of me.

I already noticed in the elementary school that it is much easier to focus when I listen to music. Not Bach or Beethoven, recommended by specialists (although I love those composers and I do not avoid classics), but the one I listen to every day. Thanks to that, doing homework was not a bad thing – I did not have to say goodbye to what I enjoyed the most.

That’s why I decided to pick up some reasons to convince you that music improves your productivity!

Why Should You Listen to Music While Working?

Music helps to break free from the buzz of the world around us

There are days when we just need to get away from the bustle that surrounds us. Some people, however, dream of such bustle every day because they work in the open space of their office where everyone has something to say. Therefore, to focus better, some of us prefer to turn off and resign from interpersonal interactions for the moment of completing tasks alone.

Generally, since the past two weeks, I have undergone a block repair and constant chaff in the head, due to the multiplicity of sounds coming from the backyard (plus the screaming kids in the kindergarten playground opposite). That’s why my why headphones and favorite songs save me from inevitable madness and help you think more efficiently.

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Familiar sounds make us feel more comfortable

Do you also feel unable to focus in a place you do not know? Unfortunately, this happens quite often and involves a lot of discomforts. But music allows me to encourage new spaces. Even when the place is strange to me, the familiar sounds makes me feel that I belong here. It’s a great effect, isn’t it?

My key song is the melancholic “Nude” by Radiohead. It’s a song that causes pleasant shivers all over the body and makes me feel comfortable. And comfort is the foundation of well-being.

Beloved sounds cause a smile on your face

I’m assuming that a smile is a recipe for everything. Just smile, even to your reflection in the mirror, early in the morning to make the day was better. Think about how many times you smiled at the sound of your beloved song that was just flying on the radio? How many times have you felt a blissful sentiment hearing a forgotten song for an extended period, however, which awoke pleasant memories?

It is worth mentioning that according to scientists it is not the music itself that makes us more productive. It is primarily about the emotional relationship and the sounds we like – the favorite band or composer. Music releases satisfaction. And the happy man is a productive person – it’s much easier to concentrate when we have a good feeling!

Music makes us assimilate messages better

As mentioned above, learning is much easier when I hear my favorite sounds in the background. The impact of music on the speed of learning is scientifically proven – it’s so-called. The Mozart Effect, whose authors claim that the music of this composer makes you much wiser and more receptive to the message.

My own playlist, which accompanies me while working, consists primarily of Celtic music and rock ambient. There are mostly songs composed of only melodic lines, without words, though there are voices that sound almost like instruments, e.g. Loreena McKennit’s songs.

Listen to this perfect “Nights from the Alhambra” concert – you’re going to love it!


Write a comment on what music you listen to most when you work or study!

Music affects the quality of our sleep

Sleep is healthy, everyone will tell you. It is one of the most important elements affecting daily productivity – the man is much better performing his work.

My daily evening ritual, reading books, would not be complete without music. In addition to the rock, jazz or celtic bands It’s a perfect spiritual experience. And believe me, I slept like a log!

I’m assuming that people who do not like to listen to music are not good people. Sounds lead me through the life of a baby – today I listen, mumble and sing, and because of that, I have a desire to live and act. I also recommend you immerse yourself in the sounds to your ears!

Hope the reasons provided in this article took you to listen to music while working! Find out how much time it takes you to listen to your favorite songs – for daily activities!


Why Should You Listen to Music While Working?

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