Three Methods That Will Allow Every Project Manager To Keep Their Mind Fresh Until The Last Day At Work

The business world is a minefield. Every wrong move may cost one life (a career? salary? position?). It is particularly necessary to be careful when one gets older and their cognitive capabilities may decrease. Some hope is in that there are people whose minds remain fresh until the latest years of life. At the age of 70 or 80, they are as intellectually fit as well as 20-year-olds. It cheers one up, doesn’t it? Particularly encouraging is the fact that this is believed not to be a matter of chance or genes but on our life choices.

One of the articles on Inc. presents the results of a study conducted by scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital. It shows that some people are able to keep the mind acute to death itself.

Another study, this time done at the University of Edinburgh, shows that this is not just about genetics. Actually, it is only to a small extent (approximately 25%) that it depends on it. The aging of the brain, 75 percent more, is said to result from the way we live.

And the idea that it is largely up to us whether we keep lucidity in the late years of our lives is good news. However, what should we do to make this happen? There are 3 methods for this.

Three Methods That Will Allow Every Project Manager To Keep Their Mind Fresh Until The Last Day At Work


There persists the opinion that solving crosswords and Sudoku is the best we can do for our brain. That is not true. In 2012, the “Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry” presented the results of a study showing that 65% of the total number of psychiatric patients in Poland was below 65%. In fact, loneliness is the true culprit here,  one to be blamed for the development of dementia.

Some scientists believe that this is because psychosocial stress causes harmful inflammation in the brain.

”It seems impossible, but we know for sure that loneliness is more harmful to the body than smoking 15 cigarettes per day, alcoholism or pathological obesity,” says Professor James Goodwin, Age UK’s chief researcher.

To sum up, you should not feel guilty when you avoid meeting friends or colleagues at work from time to time, but we should remember that such occasions are a something good for our brain. Equally different kinds of parties, spending time with family, etc.

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The importance of physical activity for our mental development cannot be overestimated. Exercises stimulate the cardiovascular system, which provides blood to the brain more effectively. In addition, when we train, the muscles produce cathepsins b, i. e. proteins that stimulate the development of brain cells.

”Sports practice gives birth to new neurons. Specifically in the hippocampus, the brain area responsible for memory,” stresses Ali Trelle, a scientist working for a laboratory dedicated to memory research at Cambridge University.

It would be best for our brain to exercise about 30 minutes five times a week. There is no need to practice a specific sport. Just climb the stairs, instead of riding the elevator, go home, instead of riding by bus, etc.

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Playing an instrument

Dr. Melissa Maguire from Yorkshire’s brain Research Centre says that playing the instrument activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. This works extremely well on the brain.

”Music is probably the only activity that makes all parts of our brain work at the same time,” says the researcher.

Singing is also important. Whether you have outstanding musical talent, or not – subscribe to long-awaited guitar lessons or simply sing at a bonfire with friends. Not only will you have fun, but also do something really useful for your brain.

In short, if you want to be a manager who would be useful to their company for a very long time, don’t coast and let your gray matter to die back. Go and meet your friends, cultivate sport and give your father’s guitar a try.

Wonder how to be on top of every project and find out how exactly productive you are? right now and free your mind!

Three Methods That Will Allow Every Project Manager To Keep Their Mind Fresh Until The Last Day At Work

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