Office Humor – How To Keep Sanity At Work?

How To Keep Sanity At Work?

Work is an inseparable part of our lives, whether we like it or not. And sometimes it is difficult to handle all situations happening in our workspace. Different circumstances and people’s behavior may put us out of patience. But we have to remember that every problem can be solved and it is not worth to lose the temper on things we have no influence on.

For this reason, it is always better to stay positive and approach things with humor. And it doesn’t matter if you work remotely, or in an office. A good sense of humor helps to keep sanity at work and makes it easier to cope with troublesome cases.

Ways To Keep Sanity At Work

People deal with tension at work in different ways. Let’s take a look at the funniest examples from life and find out the best ways to keep sanity at work.

When Your Things Disappear



In most companies, there are areas for everybody’s use. One of them is a fridge in which all employees keep their food (and not only). But sometimes that food disappears. And it can be hard to find the thief. For this reason, it is worth to sign your things or keep them hidden so that nobody can reach them. And this applies also to other personal items which shouldn’t be available for your colleges.

However, it may happen that someone steals your ideas or projects. In order not to throw yourself off balance, always add your name to the things you work on and don’t be afraid to say that something belongs to you.

When People Don’t Clean Their Mess



People have the tendency to leave their things behind. This includes trash, dirty dishes but also papers, documents, or personal items related strictly to work. The best way to deal with this type of people is to leave a funny note (or a “real meme” as on the photo above) to make people alert to their bad habits. By that, you will make a funny joke on someone and at the same time make him or her aware of his or her mistakes.

When There Is Something To Be Fixed



Both remote and stationary workers know the problem of broken equipment or problems with apps or software which need to be fixed. Sometimes it can be difficult to request a repair from people responsible for it. They either have no time or are too lazy to fix the problem, which may seem insignificant to them. The best way to keep sanity at work in such situations is to make a humorous note, post a funny photo or picture on social media which will motivate staff to work.

When Work Is Overwhelming




The best way to deal with work-related stress and burnout is to always stay positive. There are always worse days when things and projects don’t go well. But it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world. Otherwise, work will become a burden and will take all the joy away from you.

To Sum Up

The best way to always keep sanity at work is to stay positive and keep an emotional balance. It is not worth to lose time and energy on things you cannot change. And a good humor helps in staying calm but also can make your work more productive.

Office Humor – How To Keep Sanity At Work?

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