What Are the Usages of Online Timesheet Software?

Let’s Talk About Online Timesheet Software

Managing attendance in today’s busy and fast world is extremely difficult. You have to take care of every tiniest detail and make sure all numbers add up. That’s when online timesheet software comes in aid.

According to the study conducted by Vouchercloud showed that “the average UK office worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes out of the working day; (…) the average office worker spends a considerable amount of time procrastinating during their working day, as less than 3 hours is actually spent working productively.”

The numbers are alarming and they clearly show that attendance management is still a huge problem. Of course, using online timesheet software does not serve as a tool to spy on your employees. Remember, trust and faith in your team’s skills are crucial for a good work. But in the complex business world, attendance management is challenging because of many reasons:

  • high risk of human error,
  • poor integration with other tools crucial for the business existence,
  • tedious data entry and processing,
  • proper automation of workflow and processes.

But! with the use of appropriate timesheet software you can eliminate any risks of errors, integrate it with your favorite tools to boost team’s productivity. You can try free options to find out what works best for you and your employees. Every company has different needs and that you should remember. Nevertheless, be open to get the most of your work and don’t underestimate the power of timesheets, they are important! And online timesheet software is extremely convenient and easily accessible – it makes work effective.

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What To Look For In Online Timesheet Software?

Whether you’re an expert or taking your first steps in attendance management, you should know which features to avoid. Not all of them may suit your business, especially if you’re working towards automatization and optimization of processes. But there are several essential components to look for.

Simple attendance registration

You should be able to track attendance registration of all employees in your organization from a simple attendance registration interface. When you have easily manageable application, ensure accuracy and compliance are automatically ensured, you don’t even have to think about it. It also helps to leverage transparency and maintain workflow.

Overtime management

Maintaining proper record of employees who work extra hours is a must. This helps in managing both finances and human resources. The best solution would be to use time tracking software which would offer insight on task distribution and would help in maintaining compliance with overtime laws.

Leave management

Leaves allotted, applied, approved and denied – all should be managed through a single platform. Also, applying for time-off and having access to viewing it should be allowed to all employees so that they can control their work and see if they’re productive.

Real-time reporting

Capturing data in real-time is another crucial element because it allows you to have insight into reports whenever you need. Most software providers enable their customers to customize reports according to their needs.

Controlled accessibility

Let’s not forget that not everyone should have full rights. Your software should give you an option of limiting the accessibility, for example, reserve the rights for viewing, entering, modifying or deleting data. All based on an employee’s position in the company – it’s important to keep the organizational hierarchy.


Nowadays, the choice of products is so wide that people don’t use one particular type of a device anymore. A good online timesheet software should be available for all platforms and devices – Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android and iOS.

Which Online Timesheet Software to Use?

It’s hard to answer this question because you may need to look for specific features. The best idea, however, would be to look for a tool which has all the above-mentioned features and is functional. Online tools are particularly good because you can store all the data on the cloud. Choose a tool which makes it easy to manage attendance by having an insight into detailed and comprehensive features. So why not use TimeCamp?

It’s a time tracking software perfect for a team of any size working in every type of industry. But it not only tracks your time! TimeCamp follows all your activities and generates reports based on them. Timesheet feature allows you to check on your team’s work. You can create various projects with tasks and follow their progress in the real-time. TimeCamp is available for all platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, and as a mobile version for iOS and Android. You can access it from any place to always know what’s happening and stay on top of your work!

See how it works!

Make attendance management easy and boost your productivity today.

Why Should You Use Online Timesheet Software?

Even though online timesheet software has more benefits than negative sides (if any at all), some people consciously choose not to use it because they don’t believe in its effectiveness or prefer traditional forms of managing attendance. If you’re one of those people, you must take a look at this list of reasons for which you should use online timesheet software!

  • no more errors – manual timesheets are really not the best idea, it is easy for a mistake and even this tiniest one can cost your business a fortune,
  • payroll – it’s much easier to prepare it based on a specific and detailed timesheet,
  • automatization and optimization – we already mentioned that but it’s important to emphasize that the use of good tools takes away the burden of doing, for example, repetitive tasks, such as creating a new timesheet every week or month,
  • productivity – when processes are enhanced, people work better and have more time for important projects,
  • accountablity – no more errors and miscalculations in numbers,
  • easy scheduling – if you use time tracking software to help you generate reports, you can easily estimate hours needed for future projects,
  • you have everything in one place.

I hope you are convinced. So roll up your sleeves and get your online timesheet software. Stay productive!


What Are the Usages of Online Timesheet Software?

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