Find an Online Outsourcing Consultant if You Need One!


This is not our regular article but simply the outcome of today’s research. We were browsing the internet, searching for online consultants experienced mostly in technical and marketing outsourcing.

It turns out, it is not so easy to find many. Thus, we decided to share our discoveries with you and introduce some (we believe) great people whom you can ask for a consultation and help if the situation gets nasty. Check out the list we have prepared:

1. Peter Wells

Outsourcing & Strategy Consultant

2. Elmer Taboada

Tactical SEO & Outsourcing Consultant

3. David Turner

IT Outsourcing & Change Consultant


4. Jacob Mani

Technical Outsourcing Consultant & Advisor at SupportPRO

5. Tim Zimmerman

Independent Consultant – Strategic Outsourcing Manager at Takeda Development Center Americas, Inc.

6. Karen Mae Farro

Web Designer | Developer | SEO Specialist | Outsourcing consultant

7. Aby Varghese

Entrepreneur, CTO & Consultant

8. Yare Thomas

Outsourcing | Marketing Consultant


9. David M. Chambers

Art Director and international outsourcing consultant at and Designer at Microsoft R&D.


10. Henning von Borcke

Managing Consultant | Outsourcing | Employer Branding

11. Desmond Lo

Managing Partner: GSI Solutions & BIG Healthcare

12. Simon Hollins

Interim CIO and transformation consultant

13. Caroline McCormack

Multichannel Services – Printing & Mailing | Payslip Printing | E-Payslips | Accounts Automation | Outsourcing Advisor

14. Olga Fomenko

Investor | Business Systems & Marketing Automation Consultant | Outsourcing Expert

15. Anne Casey

Outsourced Marketing | LinkedIn Training | Marketing Consultant

16. Andy McClure

Helping services firms get more consistent leads | Inbound Marketing Certified Consultant | Outsourced VP of Marketing

17. Katrina Flynn

Senior Marketing Consultant | Outsourced MarketingSpecialist | Strategic Marketer

18. Sarah Holbrook

Marketing Consultant & Virtual Marketing Manager; delivering outsourced support for clients

19. Dave Sharp

Outsourced VP of Sales | Sales Leadership Consultant at Sales Xceleration

20. David Murphy

Solutions Design and Pre-sales Consultant at Acora – Outsourced IT Services

21. Vladimir P. Gel

Independent IT outsourcing consultant in Ukraine at Mobrio Limited, UK, London

22. Paolo Hiceta

Lead Consultant – IT Outsourcing

23. Lucia Milash

IT Outsourcing Expert | Business Consultant | Mobile/Web development Expertise

24. Priyanka Padmanabhan

Lead Consultant – IT Outsourcing

25. Francesco Sartini

IT Outsourcing Consultant


26. Victoria Novak

IT Outsourcing | Independent Business Consultant | Mobile/Web development Expertise

27. Torsten Knudsen

Management Consultant at PA Consulting Group | IT Outsourcing And Contract Management Expert

28. Diego Donadoni

IT outsourcing specialist and consultant

29. Christos Kartsanis

Outsourcing IT Consultant at SingularLogic

30. Danny Song

Software Head Consultant | IT Outsourcing |  Application build

31. Alvaro Crusellas Casanueva

IT & Outsourcing Consultant

32. Nataly Veremeeva

Director, IT Outsourcing consultant at Cossacks Information Technologies


33. Olha Bratsuk

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

34. Fabrizio Torrisi

Outsourcing Sales Consultant at Adecco Outsourcing

35. Marco Curci

Outsourcing Sales Consultant at Adecco Group

36. Helen Sparling

Strategic Outsourcing IT Benchmark Consultant at IBM

37. Alexandra Zaichenko

Business Development & Strategic Outsourcing Consultant

38. Paul Verzele

Senior management consultant on (offshore) outsourcing

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Find an Online Outsourcing Consultant if You Need One!

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