How Timesheets Can Ease Your Pain

Why Timesheets Can Be Evil?

Problems with timesheets are so common these days that many companies come across various obstacles caused by these little balky monsters. They make work difficult, tedious, and very often bring confusion and unnecessary stress to an organization. And this problem can be easily solved.

Even though we live in times of great technological progress, which enables us to use excellent tools and apps, many businesses still decide to use manual timesheets. Do you know that this is the cause for companies’ struggles with problems related to the inaccurate numbers in reports, errors, and mistakes? It also significantly lowers employees’ productivity. These and many other reasons clearly show that timesheets can be evil:

  • They’re not accurate – people are not machines, hence, they cannot enter, for example, the specific amount of time they spent on something. In fact, employees enter only estimates, not always being 100% accurate.
  • Lower efficiency because people spend their time entering numbers and dates instead of working.
  • Time-consuming – it usually takes a lot of time to fill all the fields, columns, and verses. People would be more happy to spend that time on a short break or making a fresh coffee.
  • It’s easy to make mistakes – and when numbers don’t add up, it can cause chaos in the company. When your employees have to manually enter information, it is more possible that they will make a mistake.

These are just a few of the problems with timesheets. But when you add them up, it can be a colossal issue. Luckily, there are smart ways which will allow you to turn timesheets into good!

Turn Your Timesheet Problems Into Productivity Factory

If in your organization, you’re still using common timesheets and make your employees manually enter all the data, give it up. It’s time for innovation! And there are two ways to deal with problems with timesheets.

The first way is to use Excel templates. Of course, you might have been already using Excel. The question is, are you doing it right? With special templates, you will be able to keep a hand on the budget, resources allocation, and many more. It’s a tool helping you plan your expected performance and make sure you’re not exceeding the limits.

The second, more efficient, method is to implement time tracking software. Let’s take a look at TimeCamp.

TimeCamp has many practical features which can help in or even completely eliminate monotonous work with timesheets

  • Fully automatic, the desktop app works in the background, not disturbing your work. Also, you don’t have to switch between different apps or tasks, TimeCamp detects it all.
  • The feature of tracking time based on billable or non-billable hours makes it easier to precisely estimate costs of a project.
  • Thanks to detailed but comprehensive reports, your employees can see how much of their time was spend on productive and unproductive activities.
  • You can easily convert your reports into Excel files.
  • With an extensive list of integrations work becomes smooth and painless.

Using TimeCamp is much more effective and easier than manually entering information into a timesheet. It also helps you and your team always stay on top of your work! The app tracks all your activities so that you can focus on your work, instead of fixing problems with timesheets.

Do you want to take your company to another level? Don’t waste any more of your time.

PS. We now have a GPS tracking features, don’t hesitate and try it out!

How to Make It Right?

Even though it seems easy as pie, it is not. Implementing time tracking software, or any other form of timesheet automatization is challenging. And if not performed in a proper way, the process can bring negative results or at least disappoint you. That’s why you should know what you need to pay attention to and focus mostly on.

Let’s take a look at the three crucial aspects. They are the basis of any changes and if you want to receive positive outcomes, you should start your adventure with time tracking from them.


This is the first and the most important step you should take. Remember that without it, it may later be difficult to solve problems with timesheets you may encounter.

So tell your employees why and how the company will implement time tracking software. What will the benefits be? How will it help them? Once they know the answers, they’ll be happy to use it.


People may think that since your organization wants to implement time tracking software, it wants to spy on them!

And they couldn’t be more wrong. You have to communicate to them the importance of using such a tool. Inform them about every detail. Be open to their questions and doubts. Let them know that it’s all to make their work easier and more effective. Are your employees aware of the fact that if they fail to properly monitor time spent on each task, it will bring more confusion and more work for them later on?

Follow Company’s Work Monitoring Rules

Every company has different rules. Also when it comes to monitoring work. It’s important to follow them because they will allow you to work seamlessly with other teams and people who you manage.

Also, such rules exist to simply help people in their daily activities. And if everyone follows them, it’s easier to communicate and collaborate.

Have You Eased Your Pain Yet?

What do you think about timesheets? Are they necessary or do you think they’re waste of time? Are you among those who accept or submit them?

Or maybe you have your own way of solving problems with timesheets? We know it’s not an easy thing. But once you start using proper tools and strategies, you can ease your pain of dealing with timesheets.

How Timesheets Can Ease Your Pain

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