Perfect Time Tracking in the Team Structure

3 levels structure of your team and checklist

Companies struggle with a variety of problems in the terms of recording time spent on projects. One of them is though it’s for the whole organization, people can’t see the common goal they should achieve by using it.

Every single person, no matter what is their role in the organizational structure, answers to its success. Everyone contributes in its performance. Thereby, people on each level will use time tracking differently and take from its diverse advantages. In the ideal team time tracking structure we distinguish the Boss, Project Managers and Team Members.

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Though the boss is not a direct user of time tracking, he or she is the one that gets the most from it. His role is to tie up the whole organization so he needs an overview on everything what is happening in the company.

The main reason he decides to launch the time recording system into is to receive a clear image of the hours spent with all clients. Not only to provide an accurate financial flow. The knowledge about the time usage across assignments and employees helps him estimate the sufficiency of the human resources to run different types of projects simultaneously.

TimeCamp provides something more. It enables to track the employees’ attendance and monitor their holidays. This helps to better plan the work and divide tasks. What is more, registering the actual project hours eases the analyses over the team’s performance, what is relevant also for Project Managers.

Project Manger

The person who’s a real time tracking keeper is Project Manager as he or she unites the roles of the Boss and Team Member. Not only they are responsible for the success of the whole team as are supposed to lead the team to the finish point. They are also standing on the fire line. They need to keep the team together and motivate them, report in front of the boss and communicate with the clients.

Every project has its deadline. To meet it, they need to be aware of the time burndown. The thing that will help them best is easy time tracking software integrated with project management tools like Trello, Podio etc. This enables to monitor the progress, detect the project overrun and underrun and analyze the data in the terms of team’s efficiency. This usually is hard to tell on the basis of the task accomplishment itself. Relevant insights about the time usage allow to analyze the accuracy of the estimations made before the start and what is more, bill the clients for all the hours worked on their projects.

But there is also another thing that Project Manager is responsible for in terms of team time tracking. Their role is to make this process more automatic for the team members. With TimeCamp they can do it with the help of unique keywords which match the computer activities with projects and tasks. To make it correct, the Head of the Team should precisely define the keywords for each project and task, take care of their accuracy and keep an eye on the names of the files the members work on. This makes time tracking even easier. And Project Manager is more reliable for everyone.

Team Member

However, Project Managers would not be able to provide powerful reports and manage the project without the actual time trackers – the team members. As the contractors of each assignment, they are the major collectors of valuable minutes. Working on their tasks they fill their timesheets with relevant data about the time usage and its allocation.

TimeCamp enables to do it effortlessly, syncing the team time tracking with project management systems. This allows to keep all the work in one place and in a simple way collaborate on doing the tasks and register time for them. Moreover, the timesheets are very easy to use, whether filled manually or basing on automatic time tracking. They let to know where the time was spent by the totaling the numbers up for days, weeks and months. This way, in the end, they supply the top managers in relevant data which allows to resolve the problems and successfully run the company.

There are many different reasons for the companies to launch time tracking system as they have various problems it may resolve. It is important that everyone is aware that it is the common thing for everyone and the more engaged they are in the whole process of recording hours, the more benefits for each person in the structure and for the company as a whole.

Time Tracking Goals – Features checklistBoss

  • Overview on hours spent on all clients.
  • Data about our time usage across projects and employees.
  • Reports of attendance and holidays in your company.
  • racking actual project hours to detect project overrun and underrun and analyze our estimation accuracy and our efficiency.

Project Manager

  • Tracking actual project hours to detect project overrun and underrun and analyze our estimation accuracy and our efficiency.
  • Getting the hours to bill the client for hourly projects.
  • Adding time to projects with minimal effort fg. (syncing with project management system like Trello, Podio, Basecamp).
  • Defining keywords for the automatic time tracking.

Team member

  • Adding time to projects with minimal effort fg. (syncing with project management system like Trello, Podio, Basecamp).
  • Easy to use timesheets, to know how time was spent and totalling time up for day, week, month.
  • Automatic time tracking.
Perfect Time Tracking in the Team Structure

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