Evernote – Top 5 Plugins for Project Management Software

Best Plugins for Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular software for organizing work. It is used by people from all over the world. Large and small teams from various industries. Used solo, it’s a great tool, but combined with plugins, it can become a real productivity powerhouse. With plugins, also known as add-ons or integrations, you can tremendously improve work.

Plugins allow you to be more flexible with the tool. They are extensions of built-in features and give you more possibilities within the software. If you add them to Evernote, you will automate and optimize all processes taking place in your business.

There are many plugins for Evernote. Some are better than others, some may meet your needs, others may disappoint you. But there are those that are universal and always work out. In this post, you will find out what are the top 5 plugins for Evernote that will help you better manage projects, tasks, and team.

1. Time Management TimeCamp

Many teams need to track time to stay on top of their work. But using two different tools for that may complicate things and make it difficult to work. However, with a smart solution, you’ll be able to manage your team across two apps and sync all work with just one click. All you need is TimeCamp plugin for Evernote.

Synchronizing two apps has never been easier. Not only will you increase team’s productivity, but also automate and optimize their work. TimeCamp intelligent features bring many benefits:

  • Project management with automatic time tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • TimeCamp offers a Desktop app
  • Powerful reports

TimeCamp plugin for Evernote allows you to efficiently and smartly manage your team and projects. No need to switch between different apps! You have everything in one place. Now your team can focus on work and what really matters, not on filling in timesheets and reports.

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2. Marketing Management CoSchedule

If you use Evernote to manage marketing you can combine it with your CoSchedule marketing calendar. It will help you plan, create, publish, and share your marketing content super easily.

With this plugin for Evernote, you can turn your blog and content ideas from Evernote into real blog posts in WordPress, help your team create different types of content; white papers, videos, graphics, etc. with clear workflows, deadlines, and publish dates. And also organize all of the content you create in Evernote on a marketing calendar that integrates with your marketing tools like Bit.ly, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Buffer, and your social networks.



3. Workflow Visualization Mohiomap

Mohiomap is a powerful plugin for Evernote. With it, you can see shared Evernote contents and discover relationships across all the different elements in your accounts, allowing you to uncover hidden connections and improve communications and workflow. This plugin for Evernote will allow you to visualize all your shared Cloud contents in Evernote, including notebooks, notes, stacks and reminders.

Use it to create comprehensive team reports and analyze your team’s activities for a better workflow and teamwork.



4. Communication Slack

Who doesn’t know Slack? It’s the most popular chat software used by millions of people around the globe. It’s one of the best Evernote plugins everybody should use. Evernote offers direct integration with Slack. Combining these two tools will let you do more than just message your team. You will be able to seamlessly work between the two apps and enhance communication.

With Evernote integrated into Slack, you can make conversations richer and more actionable by adding Evernote information without leaving Slack.




5. Work automation Zapier

Who doesn’t know Zapier? It is one of the most popular tools for automating work. It’s also one of the best Evernote plugins and it should be your priority to integrate the two.  Zapier allows you to connect Evernote with over 1,000 apps so you can quickly and easily combine the tools you and your team like to use. Zapier gives you full flexibility to work as you like with what you like.

This Evernote plugin connects apps so they can work together. Zaps Start with a Trigger—an event in one of your apps that kicks off your workflow. Zaps automate asks in the background. You can combine as many apps in Zapier as you want. With this plugin, you can tremendously automate and optimize workflow in ClickUp.

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Zapier app

Summing Up


Using plugins for Evernote is always a good idea. If you already have your favorites, that’s great! But if you’re not sure which plugins will work out best for you and your team, we recommend the top 5 included on our list. You can mix them as you want to become more productive and profitable.  You can also try out other Evernote plugins for more efficient work.



Evernote – Top 5 Plugins for Project Management Software

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