Ultimate Productivity Articles Roundup: 30 Experts Reveal Their Tips!

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Our blog readers are familiar with the weekly Productivity Articles roundup, which includes the most inspiring posts about time management related issues. Here comes the idea of creating the ultimate list of tips shared by the authors whom we featured in all the previous articles.

I’ve chosen 30 lucky ones of almost 1000 – find them below!

The Ultimate Productivity Articles Roundup!

  1. 6 Ways to Create an Awesome 2016 – by  Leo Babauta

In the first of our productivity articles, Leo shares with his readers the essential tips how to succeed in the new year. The ideas are pretty simple but extremely useful – definitely worth to try!If you took Leo’s challenge, feel free to share your results with us!

2. You Don’t Need New Ideas, You Need a New Perspective – by Oliver Burkeman

Oliver highlights that the key to success is to change the way of thinking and have a fresh seeing on everything around us, which is known to the Buddhists as “beginner’s mind.”

  1. 8 Things Will Happen When You Start To Believe In Yourself – by Charlene Decesare

Charlene points that believing in ourselves leads us directly to success. She mentions eight benefits of this process – find out if you’re on a good way to self-improvement!

  1. 50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You to Do Anything – by Jason Demers

We all know how important motivation is in our way to improvement. That’s why he lists the thoughts helpful to reenergize ourselves. Can’t believe that they’re such simple!

  1. Why Rituals are Superior to Habits – by Thanh Pham

Thanh believes that rituals are better to follow than habits because they’re easier to make them work. Find out, why!

  1. A Happiness Experiment: Can You Make Every Day Feel Like Saturday? – by Mikael Cho

Mikael, in the following experiment, mentions that we’re the happiest at 7:26 at Saturday and that’s the starting point of how to turn every day into a Saturday morning.

  1. Top 20 Habits for Happiness, Health, Productivity and Success – by Andrew Merle

Andrew shares with the readers those practices which are essential when we want to become happier, healthier, more prosperous and more productive people. Simple, but worth trying!

  1. 7 Productivity Hacks for Work From Home Newbies – by Kiera Abbamonte

Kiera shares her tips helpful to manage projects and tasks for people working remotely more efficiently. Can’t even know that they’re that smart and straightforward!

  1. How to Avoid the Trap of Self-Improvement – by Bob Stahl

Bob tries to explain what is the trap of self-improvement and shows the essential tips how to avoid it. He also shares his hacks to look inside yourself and self-acceptance.

  1. 6 Ways You’re Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Productivity At Work – by Asher Stephenson

Most of all can’t even notice that we’re destroying our work by the usual distractions – that’s why it takes us longer to reach the peak of our possibilities. Find the tips how to deal with it in Asher’s article!

  1. Beyond time management: Why we procrastinate and how to finally stop – by Belle Beth Cooper

Belle raises a subject of procrastination – sounds familiar, right? Yes, most of us usually procrastinate, even if we’re not aware of it. But this article is full of hacks helpful to stop being lazy!

  1. A Simple Guide On Using Mind Mapping To Improve Your Productivity – by Joel Roberts

Joel proves that mind mapping is one of the easiest ways to productivity improvement. He explains the subject and points how to use this process effectively.

  1. Simple Ways to Add 2 Hours More to Your Day – by Laura Vanderkam

Laura is one of the most famous productivity blogger and in this post she reveals her tips to add extra hours to our day (even if it’s impossible because of the law of physics. They’re based on other productivity experts’ thoughts, so don’t worry, they’re proven!

  1. Science: Look At These Cute Puppies and Kittens to Boost Your Productivity by Paul Ratner

Most of us think that watching cat and dog videos on Youtube decreases productivity. Nothing could be more wrong! Paul proves, based on a study from Oxford University that it’s inverse – find out why!

  1. The Top 101 Marketing Time Management Strategies You Need to Succeed – by Ben Sailer

What a great job Ben did here! It’s a huge article with productivity tips for marketing industry divided into parts about e.g. content strategy, emails, social media or analytics and reporting.

  1. 12 Weekly Challenges For Happier, More Productive Employees – by Sharen Ross

Sharen borrowed those incredibly simple weekly productivity improvement strategies from a 26 Weekly Challenges For Happier, More Productive Employees e-book (find it in the article). The chosen ones are essential to change the way of thinking about time management!

  1. Stress-Free Productivity: How to Make To-do Lists Work For You by Shayla Price

Shayla shares her thoughts on how to change the way of thinking about your to-do list and make them less stressful and more efficiently.

  1. No Distraction Zone: How to Maximize Productivity When Working from Home – by Niraj Ranjan

Here’s another post with tips for people working remotely, but it provides the different point of view.  Niraj shares his advice on how to stay perfectly organized and avoid distractions when you’re working from home.

  1. How to Focus: 37 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips – by Camilla Hallstrom

In the era of constant distractions, it is tough sometimes to focus on work entirely. Camilla with her 37 experts gives the answer how to achieve the goals without any effort.

  1. 4 Time Management Tips That Will Give You an Extra Day – by Jacob Firuta

Jacob from Livechat shares the challenge of adding an extra time for our days. It’s the first part of this article, so don’t miss the next one to have a clear view of those tips!

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Source: http://projectmanagementhacks.com/
  1. Onboarding Is The Holy Grail Of Employee Retention, Engagement, And Productivity – by Doug Coull

Doug proves that there is a clear relationship between the process of employees onboarding and productivity-related issues.

  1. The #1 Productivity Tip (That You’re Probably Ignoring) – by Erin

Erin proves that we don’t have to struggle with productivity improvement – there is one simple tip to change! Curious what? Find the answer in the post!

  1. What 16 Successful People Do During Their Morning Routine – by Meredith Lepore

Meredith’s article is full of useful tips of how the most successful people spend their mornings. You couldn’t believe that those hacks are that simple :).

  1. Productivity Is The Missing Ingredient – by Scott Grannis

This article is entirely different than the previous ones, especially before it raises the subjects of how the economic factor affects productivity. A great piece of knowledge!

  1. 3 Uncommon Ways To Be More Positive – by Theo J. Ellis

Thinking positive makes us way happier and helps create better ideas. Theo covers three natural practices to join the path of self-improvement!

  1. 5 Time Management Lessons Every 20 Something Should Know – by Hannah Lutterbach

Most of us can admit that when they were in their twenties, they were struggling with lots of different activities and constant lack of time. Hanna reveals her tips on how to manage time more efficiently in this beautiful period of our lives!

  1. 10 Remarkable Motivational Tips For Self Improvement – by Norman Arvidsson

Norman shares the hacks for all the people who have a feeling of giving up how to find the motivation in the simple things. Trust me; they’re worth giving a try!

  1. The Shadow Knows: Tapping Job Shadowing to Cover Critical Tasks – by Laura Stack

Laura explains the subject of job-shadowing method helpful to increase team’s productivity. If you haven’t ever heard of that, you should immediately try it!

  1. 10 Tips for Helping Your Business to Thrive in a Co-Working Space – by Steff Green

Steff shares her thoughts about how to increase the productivity when working in a co-working, open office space, which is an excellent alternative to working from home. Follow those tips and avoid the distractions!

  1. Need to Improve your Relations with Others? Start by Getting Human Nature Right– by Shane Parrish

Struggling to manage relationships comes from taking human nature in wrong way. That’s why in the last of the Productivity Articles mentioned here Shane tries to explain why understanding it affects our way to self-improvement. Plus, his thoughts are based on great philosophers’ knowledge and experience!

31. 9 Tips to Make Your Environment Perfect for Studying – by Custom Writing

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Source: http://www.economywatch.com/

This Productivity Articles roundup shows that they’re lots of different views on the productivity subject, but all of them share the wonderful inspiration. This roundup meant to be the incentive to look for the knowledge and try to follow the path of self-improvement. It’s not an easy way, of course, but worth trying – would you like to accompany us?

Ultimate Productivity Articles Roundup: 30 Experts Reveal Their Tips!

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