How To Increase Productivity During Autumn Blahs?

The autumn is in their full swing. Days are getting shorter and nights colder – getting even the best of us “down” with the autumn blues. Lack of energy and lack of motivation combined with mild depression are some of the characteristics of the autumn blahs. The season can be challenging for office managers as well who not only have to deal with their employee’s recurrent sick days due to colds and flu’s but a decrease in the staff morale and productivity too. It has also been estimated that around 3 – 6 % of employees suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is triggered in the darker autumn months.

So what can one do? How can employees fight back the autumn “blahs”? Unfortunately, we can’t just dedicate a few months to constant sleep. We have to get our tasks completed in the autumn months as well. Here, I have rounded up a few tips that will help you embrace the cold months and increase productivity during autumn blahs more effectively – even if you feel like hibernating.

How To Increase Productivity During  Autumn Blahs?

Be Active!

Going out for a walk is the last thing that comes to many people’s minds in autumn, mainly because of the bad weather and low temperatures. However, research suggests that even a 10-minute physical break from work can trigger an immediate boost in concentration and focus. Exercise not only improves our blood circulation but also increases the flow of feel-good hormones in our body. Studies have also proved that we are 23% more productive on days that we participate in the exercise. So take a break and try to even make the distance from your office longer – it will definitely help you increase productivity during autumn blahs!

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Eat Healthy And Balanced Diet

Most of us hog on plenty of foods that are filled with sugar and carbohydrate during the holiday season. But these foods make us more lethargic. Try to consume as many fruits, vegetables, protein, and water in your diet.  It will not only improve your overall health but your energy level. Drink warm drinks as well throughout the day to be relaxed and warm. In the end, most of the people like to spend long autumn evenings with a blanket, an immersive book, and mug of hot tea that smells like cinnamon and ginger!

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Set goals and reward yourself

Develop incentives and reward that will help to motivate you in completing the tasks at hand during the cold months. The rewards can be anything from seeing a movie, going out to dinner or even a vacation which you can’t get until your complete to-do list is completed. Meet your friends, go for a coffee and enjoy time spent with them. Ask if they need your help – it will clear your mind from work-related issues. Believe me; it tastes much better than doing all these things with a head full of thoughts about the tasks that are still waiting for fulfilling it!

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productivity during autumn blahs

Use time management tools

Yes, I know!  Smartphones and internet can be quite distracting for many of us, especially because of the social networking apps. But there is no doubt that the different software and tools have also made our lives easier and more comfortable. However, there are many work hours keepers and work recording apps available in the market that will not only allow you to manage your time more effectively but also set goals, schedules and track the amount of time spent on specific tasks. Having a clear overview of your work will help you clear the mind and relax in the evening without any thinking of unfinished projects.

The months of October, November, and December are the worst in office for productivity. By following the tips above, you too can fight the tiredness and increase productivity during autumn blahs to be more focused in your work environment. But don’t forget to leave some time during the day to relax! In times when we suffer from the lack of sun and lower temperatures, we need to especially assist one another with enjoyable treats that make us smile. 

How To Increase Productivity During Autumn Blahs?

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