Productivity Habits: The Eight That Actually Work

Habits are deeds or conducts you do regularly. In order to be productive, we have to get used to some of the best habits that encourage time management. This article outlines 8 good productivity habits to promote if you want to achieve victory in your business or any other thing that needs our utmost productive skills.

Daily Reflection

 Begin each and every day alone, maintaining a period of reflection and absolute silence. Take 15-30 minutes of every morning to reflect on the greatest problems you are facing at that particular period (it could be within the entire week or days past), so as to imagine and ascertain how you will like your day to be just for you to handle it properly. Doing that also helps to remind us of the kind of person we want and aspire to be.

Always plan ahead of time

In an attempt to get a lot of things done, you will definitely need to make a plan for the whole day.

The bad thing about not planning is that, once you don’t do it before leaving the house, you will spend your whole day in what is called the “reactive mood”, which means you will be doing whatever comes to you at that spot instead of being proactive and doing what needs to be done.

A lot of people see planning as a difficult thing to do. But really, planning is as simple as taking a piece of paper and writing like 3 to 5 of the most important tasks that you are supposed to achieve for the day, and doing them as soon as your day starts. That’s why it’s one of most important productivity habits.

Productivity Habits

Make use of productive language

Are you aware that the language you speak, the manner in which you talk to yourself as well as the words you use can greatly have an effect on your productivity? Like for instance, you should notice the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you want to get something; is it “Gosh! This is really too much and I am sure I can’t get it done on time”? If you have think about the entire scenario this way, you can never ever be productive. You can think of the same situation as “what if I figure out a single way that will handle all these problems within 10 minutes?” If you think of it in that way, you will actually observe that you are concentrating more on handling the small chunks in one big way and ensuring that you make it happen within 10 minutes.

Blocking your time

Productivity habits are not so strange. Time blocking is probably one of the most powerful and strong techniques that anyone can leverage on, in order to be productive.

All you need to do is, time block each task on your calendar or your daily schedule and do it when it’s time comes.

Like for instance, if you have it written that by within 10am to 11 am, you are supposed to call 30 clients, then that’s exactly what you are going to do when the time comes. Don’t use excuses. You have dedicated that 1 hour to call your clients and that’s exactly what time blocking means. 

Stay Enlightened abroad broader activities

Regularly, you should take some time off from your actual field and go learn something practical from someone who’s a master of their own field, whether or not it relates or applies to your work.

Work Avoidance Cycle

Your focus should be undivided

Most times, people think they get a lot of things done when they multitask. But the truth is, multitasking drags and slows you down. Since being productive is all about finishing the task at hand as fast as possible before going to the next one, then multitasking is not a good way forward when trying to be productive. In order to be more productive, you have to be in the flow and tap in the willingness of doing something naturally. But when you multitask, it splits your attention, thereby slowing down your creativity and breaking your flow.

First things first

You should always try to complete the most important tasks first before heading to the least important ones (prioritizing).

According to Pareto rule, 80% of the work you do contributes to 20% of the result and vice versa. Hence, the first thing you should always try to get done when you start your day is to do 20% work and give 80% if the results.

The concept is actually simple as thus; when you finish the most important tasks in the early time of your day, you will feel a great satisfaction, thereby pushing you to do more and achieving a lot since you still have the energy and the boost within you. It’s not so hard to follow the productivity habits!

Productivity Habits

Envision how your next day will be

As you go to bed at night, try to stay focused on the tasks you have not achieved today, and how you intend to achieve them the next day. By doing this, your brain registers your next day’s tasks and helps you in writing out your schedule for that day. Try to think of things that you didn’t do well today, and why does things didn’t go as planned. Envision how you will like to act and feel when you wake up the next morning.

Once you are able to maintain the above productivity habits, you will definitely get a lot of things done. Also remember that your 100% attention and focus should be on the task at hand and how the flow should be. Endeavour to plan your day at the beginning of the next day or even a day before, if you still have the energy to do so. Most importantly, always encourage yourself in a positive way that you can do something.

Productivity Habits

Productivity Habits: The Eight That Actually Work

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