Productivity Hacks for Content Marketers

Content marketing sure is time intensive on so many levels. It just seems like the marketing to-do list keeps getting longer day by day and you get no time to put in some extra effort and be more creative. The more projects, the harder it is to get everything done. Here are a few tips that will help you boost your content marketing productivity.

Productivity Hacks for Content Marketers

Learn from experts

Most of us came across the writer’s block once at least. Looking for an inspiration isn’t so easy if we don’t know where to find it.

That’s why it’s important to learn from more experienced people. The Internet is full of advices, but you how to know where to find them.

Content Marketing Institute and Copyblogger provide high quality knowledge and lots of useful tips helpful when we want to increase our skills. Most of the content marketing tools have their own blogs, where the authors are posting about marketing issues as well (eg. Hubspot or BuzzSumo).

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Divide your content development into chunks

It will never fail. Imagine you are writing down your content and the ideas keep coming and then your typing slowdowns and before you even know it, twenty minutes have passed and you only wrote one sentence.

Stepping away from your work for a little break to exercise, play or work on something else is also the key to improving your productivity.

When you continue your content writing from where you left off after a little break, your mind will be fresh and your ideas will flow fluently.

Become Search Expert

Research, though, can feel like a time-consuming task for most of the content markets, making it the only go-to place for your content.

Finding what you require faster can help you save time and get to creating faster.

Because a master in search with Google’s help page, that will have all the information you need on how to use punctuation, advanced search tactics and symbols to get the result faster. Google also offers search education courses to those who want to become a search expert.


We all live in a world full of many distractions, from social media to emails to work. All of these distractions make it hard for us to stay focused on our work. This is where meditating can help you. As content marketers, it can be hard for you to sit in once place all day and calm your minds. However if only you meditate ten to twenty minutes daily it will help you focus and perform better when faced with deadlines.

Time Tracking

Tracking your time with the help of right time tracking software can help you find out where you spend most of your time and how much time you gave to your work. It will definitely help you to stay more productive with your content creating.

TimeCamp has many easy to use options in order to record how you are spending all of your time. Moreover, if you are doing work on your computer or performing any task, time tracking software will even help you record that that time as well.

Don’t Do It All Yourself

Outsourcing content writing tasks to talented writers can save you a lot of your time while allowing you to produce more high-quality content.

Search for writers that have the skills you are looking for to get more work for your clients.

You might benefit working with a freelance writer who can get you the compelling content you want and also save you time to be more productive and less burdened with work.

Try these tips above to increase your productivity. Just putting these into practice you can help save time, free up weekends and allow you to focus properly on the big picture!

Productivity Hacks for Content Marketers

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