Productivity in the Workplace: How Does Communication Affect it?

Effective communication is pivotal in increasing productivity because it directly influences the behavior of the staff and the way they perform. Efficient communication which includes clear instructions, fast message delivery, and proper explanation, is the key factor to solid cooperation between managers and employees. It plays an eminent role in getting things done which ultimately increases the department’s productivity. From today’s article you will learn, how exactly does communication affect productivity in the workplace. Have a nice read!

Poor communication can affect work production because the staff might not receive adequate information to complete a task assigned to them. It may start a whole destructive chain of events because if an employee forgets to mention important information, it will result in delaying the completion of a project or in errors/bugs that will jeopardize the implementation.

That is why it is essential that you practice communicating with your staff.  It will improve understanding and, in the result, will elevate productivity and efficiency. This will strengthen your organization both internally and externally.

Productivity In The Workplace

Communication is only effective when the receiver understands the message conveyed just as the sender wanted to. The receiver can confirm this by letting the sender know that the message was received through the right medium and on time.

A study performed by Watson Wyatt found that businesses that used to communicate with their staff were likely to have lower levels of labor turnover. If an organization fails to complete a project within its original time frame it can cost them a lot of money and their reputation.

This is why communication is inter-linked with time management as it helps project teams to complete their task and deliver it on-time.

Productivity in the workplace

Communication between the manager and team members, and inside the team is a vital factor in every company. Success cannot be achieved, when there is no communication. We have some interesting posts that will provide you with information that help enhance the communication in a team, and offer some recommendations on the best communication software on the market. Check them out!

Improve your time management

The use of time management paves the way for more effective team communication, which is ultimately beneficial to the company. For instance, if you communicate a specific project to a distracted worker and give them a schedule to work on. There is a more-than-definite chance that you will get the work done on time because you have set a goal for them to achieve in a set period.

Make sure you that your employee understands all the requirements and listen to all the queries regarding the project that he/she has so that there is no room for error.

This is one of the ways to improve communication for the better.

Find time for a break

You also need to divide time for well-organized breaks in between work even if you have a tight schedule as time management requires you to equal out spare time and work time for employees. For this, you should be aware at any moment what your employees are working on, and what is their progress.

This is how time tracking through the use of time tracking software will increase productivity in the workplace.

The right software, like, for example, TimeCamp (chosen completely on random :D) TimeCamp monitors the time that employees spend on their computer activities and automatically divides it into particular tasks/projects/categories – everything basing on the right keywords. You have complete control over the tasks because you get updates concerning the progress, efficiency, and even budget on a regular basis. Time management acts as an anchor for an organization as wasted time can cause financial distress in a lot of companies.

TimeCamp is a solid time tracking software that receives very high marks from customers all around the world. You can try it out for free, so why not give it a chance? The results may surprise you!

And this is not all. We’ve also developed the team collaboration software that combines Slack and Trello features – HeySpace! Sign up for it and see what treasures it holds!

Productivity in the workplace

Simply the best

Good time management marks a thin line between a mediocre and a successful organization. Time management provides immense benefits as it acts as a conjunction for a more refined workplace with satisfied workers. There are some ways in which work time tracking positively affects and improves your productivity.

Managers can use time-tracking software to prioritize the work at hand.

Working under a well-planned schedule with proper time management gives you more control over your tasks, helps you stay away from the unnecessary distractions, at the same time providing you with the means that help to focus more when dealing with any unexpected hurdles or circumstances that might prevail.

Productivity in the Workplace: How Does Communication Affect it?

2 thoughts on “Productivity in the Workplace: How Does Communication Affect it?

  1. Perfect advice! I din’t expect that communication has such a huge influence on the team’s productivity. Shared it across my team, hope they will follow the tips included here!

  2. Totally agree with a lot of what you say.

    I would add that Reflective Listening plays an important part in workplace communications – this is when after someone has explained something to you, you repeat it back in your own words (paraphrase) to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. Checking out body language and facial expressions during communications can also help you to work out if you’ve been understood.

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