50+ Productivity Infographics to Guide Your Management Strategy!

We all know how hard it is to maintain the highest level of productivity. We often struggle with even the easiest things because of lack of motivation and distractions from our co-workers or social media notifications. But believe me, achieving your goals and improving productivity is easier than you think thanks to the productivity hacks shared by the experts!

Find them on these productivity infographics that we collected and start incorporating healthy habits right now!

50+ Productivity Infographics to Guide Your Management Strategy!

5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People by OpenForum

Staying on top of the game isn’t as complicated as we used to think! Leaders and entrepreneurs reveal their essential tips to help people deliver better work results.


productivity infographics

12 Office Desk Hacks to Improve Your Productivity by The Business Backer

Wonder what changes you should make to the desk to maximize your office productivity? These hacks are pretty easy – find out how they can improve your focus at work!

12 Office Desk Hacks
Source: The Business Backer

5 Ways To Improve Sales Productivity by TimeCamp

The following productivity improvement tips have been proven to work for companies who want to focus on their growth and help implement new strategies with their top sales leaders!

50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower by Wrike

Beat procrastination with this 50 proven productivity hacks provided by Wrike! You’ll be impressed with the results.

productivity infographics
Source: Wrike

44 ways to be more productive by STL

Make a few changes to your daily routine to achieve goals faster! No more postponing – manage the time more efficiently to work smarter, not harder.

productivity infographics
Source: STL

Multitasking’s Heavy Cost – by FuzeBox

We all know how bad for everyday productivity multitasking can be – find out how to focus more during meetings and one-to-one conversations!

multitasking infographics

Small Business Productivity Tips – by LearnVest

Improve your business productivity level by incorporating these super-positive habits and increase the revenues and chances for expansion!

productivity infographics
Source: LearnVest

The Real Cost Of Your Work Without Using Time Tracking by TimeCamp

Recording the time employees spent at work is a sensitive issue. Why should we encourage them to implement time tracking software? The reasons are below.

cost of working without time tracking


Whistle While You Work: Impact of Music on Productivity by WebpageFX

How does listening to music while working affects your performance? Find out which kind of tunes you should play to maximize the results!

productivity infographics
Source: WebpageFX

19 Science-Backed Hacks to Improve Productivity by GetVoip

Is looking at cute animals pictures or browsing the web productive? Sure! Find out why on the infographic below – it provides trusted resources only!

productivity infographics
Source: GetVoip

8 Popular Myths About The Remote Workers by TimeCamp

For small and medium-sized businesses hiring remote workers can make a huge difference – find out what are the common myths about people who are working remotely!

productivity infographics

Productivity And Motivation Tips From Experts by WD Storage

Happy workers are more productive – it’s backed by science! How to keep yourself and employees happy? Find out in the infographic below!

productivity infographics
Source: WD Storage

Killing Time: How to Destroy Your Productivity by Marketo

How to increase the effectiveness of your sales? Find out what needs to be eliminated to stop killing the productivity!

productivity infographics
Source: Marketo

Optimize Your Workspace for Focus and Productivity by Make It Cheaper

Read this infographic and get a fresh perspective of your workplace – find out what needs to be done to make it more productive!

organise your office infographic

100 Days To Better Productivity by Infographic World

Is it possible to achieve better productivity in 10 days? Follow these tips included in the infographic below, and you’ll be impressed with the results!

productivity infographics
ja Source: Infographic World

Exercise and Improving Productivity in the Workplace by Paychex

Encouraging physical activity can help the employees feel better which has a direct impact on delivering greater results. Find out how to do it!

productivity infographics
Source: Paychex

10 Productivity Hacks to Transform Any Business Meeting by SilverDoot

Most of the meetings are just a waste of time. Find out how to turn every business meeting into a productive session!

productivity infographics
Source: SilverDoot

Social Media At Work – by TimeCamp

How much time we usually spent on social media while working? Find out – the infographic below provides the results of research we carried out a year ago!

productivity infographics

16 Productivity Tips to Propel You Into Action by Wrike

Looking for more and more productivity tips? Here are more secrets that help to get things done easily!

productivity infographics
Source: Wrike

3 Really Actionable Ways to Increase Employee Productivity by Yaware

How to motivate employees to help them deliver better work results? Find it out reading these three simple ways included in the infographic below!

productivity infographics
Source: Yaware

Here’s Where Your Team is Wasting Time at Work by TimeDoctor

We all know how much time our teams are wasting every day. Want to know how to avoid it?

productivity infographics
Source: TimeDoctor

The heat effect and how it impacts productivity by Monster

Working in the hot workplace can be exhausting for our minds and it decreases the ability to focus. Find out what’s heat effect and how to avoid it!

productivity infographics
Source: Monster

Productivity Tips: 4 Major Issues Young Entrepreneurs Need To Avoid by TimeCamp

Are you an entrepreneur and struggle with getting things done? Find out what issues you should avoid to succeed!

productivity infographics

Boost Your Productivity: Brain-loving Foods Your Employee Should Eat by OpenForum

A cheat sheet of what you should eat to improve the efficiency of your mind!

productive things

How to focus by Funders And Founders

Are you looking for an easy way to stay entirely focused every day? Find the answer on this short infographic below!

productivity infographics
Source: Funders and Founders

Simple Ways To Meditate At Work And Increase Productivity by CashNet USA

Make time for meditation and observe the positive impact of your health and focus! This is by far one of the easiest ways to calm down and increase productivity.

productivity infographics
Source: CashNet USA

30 Habits of Highly Productive Content Teams by Content Marketing Institute

Working in a marketing team? A highly productive content designers share their best tips to deliver the highest results!

productivity infographics
Source: Content Marketing Institute

How Is Perfectionism Destroying Your Productivity by Darious Foroux and Visme

Are you a perfectionist? Find out how it affects your productivity and make the improvement!


productivity infographics
Source: Darious Foroux and Visme

Does Coffee Really Make Your Productive At Work? By Toll-Free Forwarding

Most of the people are addicted to coffee – they believe that drinking it helps them increase the productivity. But what exactly are the best hours to drink coffee and become more focused and work-oriented?

productivity infographics

Here are ten more to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Don’t hesitate and read the article now!

Let us know in the comments if you started following these tips – we’re curious to see your results!

50+ Productivity Infographics to Guide Your Management Strategy!

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